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IBA prezi

Dóra Bezerics

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of MOL

The success of the country is the success of MOL! Government: Thank you for your kind attention! Demand conditions: market size - HUGE (but HUN is small)
growth rate - changes are realised, but not in big cities Advance factor conditions: 3% of HUN population works in MOL
develop new technologies
high quality of education Factory condition -OIL OCCURENCE NOWADAys
-80% import need
-main import from Russia through the friendship pipeline
Ádám Bor
Alex Mihály Tóth
Dóra Bezerics
Gergely Bagdán
Herta Hegedüs
Ivett Likár
Judit Sike
Kitti Eisenbacher
Krisztián Pálinkás
Leticia Márai
Noémi Tünde Kovács
Patrik Horváth
Réka Vajó
Made by: Porter's diamond:
-Factor conditions
-Demand conditions
-Firm strategy
-Related and supporting industries Agenda: Firm Strategy -Efficient Operation
-Safe Working conditions
-Sustainable Development
-Special attention for nature protection (ECO – Friendly)
Related and supporting industries: -Risk and Crisis Management
-Standard-based Management Systems (SBMS)
-Supplier Qualification
-System and Policy
-Performance Management System Management: -Mol refineries
-Protect the environment Technology:
Mol is the largest
In 2002 MOL bought the Slovakian oil comapany, Slovnaft
MOl owns around 50% of INA Rivalry: -10 million people
-Carpathian Basin
-PLAIN – Sedimentary rocks
-1-2 million years high pressure, temperature, lack of O2
-MOL : Hungarian Oil and Gas Public Ltd.
-2nd largest company in Central-Europe
-present in Europe, Middle-East, Africa and territory of the former USSR
-Exploration, production, refining, marketing, petrochemicals
-2011: 19 billion
MOL appr. 25% part from the Mol high taxes
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