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Los Angeles

No description

Zamiyah Johnson

on 27 April 2017

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Transcript of Los Angeles

Los Angeles
A Round ticket, on American 3h 30m+from Dallas,$196

Hotel website‎$127
hilton los angeles airport 

Los Angeles, 1.2 miles to International Airport Los Angeles

Good – 79 / 100 (10151 reviews)

TravelerJanuary 2017

best hotel in Lax area

I have stayed at pretty much every hotel in the lax area. Hilton has to be the best overall when talking about spacious room, comfortable bed,fitness room very accomodating to check in and check out.
Baseball Steak at Pacific
Activities in LA
In Los Angeles are the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and its Broad Contemporary Art Museum; the Museum of Contemporary Art 
Disneyland (at Anaheim). The motion-picture and television industries, the proximity of many resorts, theme parks, and beaches, and a climate that encourages year-round outdoor recreation attract millions of tourists annually.
Summers are warm to hot, and nearly completely dry. July, August and September are the hottest months
Summer temperature patterns of 75 to 90 
Popular places to go
Univseral studios Hollywood
Getty Center



Celebrated free venue for art exhibits

Famous, sizable free museum highlighting American & European art, architecture & manicured gardens.
History in Los Angeles
 Los Angeles became a center of oil production in the early 20th century, and by 1923 the region was producing one-quarter of the world's total supply; it is still a significant producer, with the Wilmington Oil Field having the fourth-largest reserves of any field in California
The huge number of motor vehicles, combined with the city's valley location, often creates dangerously high smog levels. will be getting around in a car
Los angeles is a popular area and has alot of things to do,so i will transport in a car 
Total cost of vacation $900.
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