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What is migration

No description

Network School

on 13 March 2017

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Transcript of What is migration

Migration is when someone or something move to one place to another. The migration has increase more and more. In some countries migration is a huge problem for example in England because it’s in the EU it have to except Poland people to its country. If more Polish people come the less jobs the British people have.

What is migration
Migration is cause when people something bad happen at somewhere and people/animals who live there move to another place.For example if China and Thailand went in war citizens of those two country have to move to another country and that ting is called push and pull factors.
but if that neighboring country doesn't except them they build refugees tents along the borders.
What cause migration
Refugees get food and water when people donate them. Otherwise they have to drink dirty water and eat bad food.
How Do Refugees Get Food And Water
Push factor is when somethings push you out of a country for example
What Is Push Factors
Bad government Bad health care
Not enough money
Too much people
Not enough jobs
Not enough food
What is
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