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Creative Presentation – Persian Carpet Gallery

Creative Pitch for Templar Media/Persian Carpet Gallery

George Bassiakos

on 7 July 2011

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Transcript of Creative Presentation – Persian Carpet Gallery

n = 130 in less than 1 week Creative
Presentation Target Audience 40-60 year old
female upper-middle class professionals Media Strategy Tashakor. • To increase sales for Winter

• To increase brand awareness

• To re-position the brand as a provider of authentic, quality product.

• To create an online presence The brief Our target audience are upper-class females aged 40-60 years. They see the value in a rug being an original and are thus willing to pay more for a quality piece. To them, $5000 for an original Persian rug is a sound investment.

They are also into the various styles and regions of rug and are proud to show-off their pieces to their friends. Woman with missing piece Creative 1 Unlike their fake counterparts, genuine Persian carpets are handmade by skilled carpet weavers from Iran who work tirelessly to craft their high quality product. Given the time and dedication they spend on each rug, it can be said that they become intrinsically tied to the carpet forever. For this spot, we make this connection tangible to demonstrate the truly genuine origins of each Persian Carpet Gallery rug.


We open on a man sitting in the living room of a beautiful home. There is a knock on the door and he goes to answer it. At the door is a Persian woman, in traditional wear, speaking to him in her native tongue. The man cannot understand her, but she is pointing to her necklace and indicating that she would like to enter the house. Hesitantly, he lets her in and she walks up to the beautiful Persian rug that is laid on the living room floor. She gently runs her hand over it and turns a corner over.

In the thread she finds a small piece of jewellery. She takes it out, places it up to her necklace and reveals that it’s actually a missing piece from her necklace. She thanks the owner and leaves.

V/O: Handcrafted art from another world – Persian Carpet Gallery. Creative 2 Depending on its size and quality, the handcrafting of a Persian rug can take anywhere from a few months to several years to complete. This is testament to the level of detail and commitment that goes into each and every piece.
To highlight just how long each rug takes, we focus on the rug makers themselves and the life-changing events that can happen to them during the completion of just one project.


We open on a Persian woman admiring a large rug that is hanging on a wall.

Woman: A handmade Persian rug can take many years to complete. Each weave painstakingly crafted. Each knot carefully planned.
She runs her hand over the rug.

Woman: I completed this one when I was very young.
She points to a spot on the rug.

Woman: This is when I met my husband.
She points to another spot, higher up the rug.

Woman: This is when we got married.
She points to another spot, this time towards the top.

Woman: And this is when our beautiful daughter was born.
She smiles and continues to admire the rug.

V/O: Persian Carpet Gallery – There’s a story in every rug. Timeline in knots An original handcrafted Persian rug is more than just a flooring covering. With its history, hours of handcrafting and high level of detail, it is not a stretch to consider each one a piece of art. For this spot we bring this perspective to life in a humorous and entertaining manner.


We open in a beautiful modern home. It's breakfast time. We see mum in her robe, walk down the stairs, and say "Morning Jeffrey. Breakfast will be ready in 10 minutes".

She walks towards the kitchen. The kids shortly follow, dressed in their school uniforms, and also yell out "Good morning, Jeffrey!"

Dad slowly walks down the stairs, then stops and asks "So... did the Reds win last night, Jeffrey?"

We cut to the other side of the room where we see a large, beautiful Persian rug hung up on a wall, beautifully lit, and a security guard sitting beside it on a small stool. The security guard looks at Dad, wearily, and replies: "Indeed sir, they won in quite convincing form, 4-1".

Super: Handcrafted works of art from the Persian Carpet Gallery.
Guard not included. Jeffrey Creative 3 Digital Social Media Search Engine
Optimisation A mobile tag is a two-dimensional image encoded with information. It is decoded using a camera phone application. These tag reader applications are able to scan tags and react accordingly based on the patterns within the image. Based on the information contained within the tag, the tag reading software can perform a variety of functions including the display of text or images, linking to specific URLs, linking to video content and providing contact information. Creative 6 Intrinsically weaved into every genuine Persian rug is the history and tradition of an ancient culture. This tie is so strong that for many, simply seeing or standing on one can evoke images of its timeless origins. For this campaign we bring this feeling to life in an everyday setting, showing how the simple experience of a Persian rug can transport your mind to another place.


We open on a top down view of a woman asleep on a Persian rug. The camera is slowing panning out.

V/O: In each and every handcrafted Persian rug belongs hundreds of years of culture, generations of tradition and an aura that is uniquely Persian.

The camera continues to pan out and we eventually see that the rug is not sitting on the floor of a house, but is actually floating high above the ground. We see the distinctive landscape of Iran underneath.

V/O: So why not bring one into your home and travel to another world. Persian Carpet Gallery, 40 years of handmade excellence. Travel to another world Built into every genuine Persian rug is an intangible link to the place where it was made. It can be found in every weave and every motif of the rug, providing an indelible connection that is unique to a particular region. This in essence makes the piece a gateway to its origins, giving the owner a detailed insight into its origins. For this concept we explore this bond, bringing it to life in a slightly surreal manner.


We open on a woman reading in a quiet living room. In the background we start to hear the sounds of a crowd. The woman notices the sound and starts looking around the room, wondering where the sound is coming from. Eventually, she looks behind the large Persian rug hanging on the wall and finds a doorway leading to the expanse of a bustling Iranian bazaar. After a few moments of looking at the bazaar the woman puts down the rug and stands back, staring at it in disbelief.

V/O: Handmade Persian carpets – your gateway to another world. Creative 5 Gateway Simple and cost-effective use of social media.

Provides a home for rug enthusiasts and a central hub for the ongoing aftersales experience.

Creates an ongoing conversation with customers by allowing you to:

•Share tips on rug maintenance, repairs and investment opportunities
•Provide a Q&A platform for people who need advice
•Share interesting ‘Did you know?’ facts
•Create events for seminars and exhibitions
•Provide a platform for rug enthusiasts to share pictures and stories
•Setup competitions like ‘Search for Australia’s Oldest Rug’

‘Fans’ easily recruited through POS material, print ads and email. Persian Carpet Gallery Facebook Page:
A new home for rug enthusiasts Belle Magazine

Circulation: 35,839
Readership: 111,000
Target Audience: 25-50
Readership: 67% Women
71.3% of readers are aged 35-64 Aust House & Garden Magazine

Circulation: 108,098
Readership: 730,000
Target Audience: Women 25-54
Readership: 63% Women
81.6% of readers are aged 35-64 Vogue Living Magazine

Circulation: 44,098
Readership: 211,000
Target Audience: Affluent women 25-54
Readership: 70% Women
56% of readers are aged 35-64 Inside Out Magazine

Circulation: 50,063
Readership: 141,000
Target Audience: Affluent women 25-49
Readership: 67% Women
57.7% of readers are aged 35-64 Donna Hay Magazine

Circulation: 91,171
Readership: 369,000
Target Audience: Affluent women 25-54
who love food and style
Readership: 80.8% Women
56.2% of readers are aged 35-64 Home Gallery For some people, selecting a Persian carpet for their home is akin to choosing a piece of art. Careful consideration goes not only into its appearance, but also its origin, weaving technique, history and meaning. The chooser, in a sense, becomes an art critique. But then for others, it’s simply an item to add presence to a room. Here, we light-heartedly bring these two groups together.


We open on a Persian rug hanging on a clean white wall, as you would see in an art gallery. A man, an art critique type, is standing in front, quietly admiring its detail. He is joined by another art critique type. Then another. They all stand around the rug in deep thought.

The moment is then broken by the sound of a loud TV being turned on. The camera pans out to reveal that we’re not in an art gallery, but someone’s living room. A man is casually sitting on a couch in the middle of the room watching the TV. He turns to the art critiques, apologises and turns the volume down.

V/O: Bring a masterpiece to your home. Creative 4 Specialist Magazines Mobile Tagging 1. ANALYSIS
Examine Persian Carpet Gallery’s current SEO situation, starting with www.pcgallery.com.au

Develop an SEO strategy based on outcomes of analysis. Includes:

• Website Optimisation
• Keyword Research
• Business Blog Marketing
• Social Media Marketing
• Google AdWords
• E-mail Marketing Television Why mobile? Four steps to getting Persian Carpet Gallery to the top 3. LINK BUILDING
Building relevant back-links to get Persian Carpet Gallery on the first page of Google searches.

Ongoing optimisation to ensure Persian Carpet Gallery maintains a high presence in search results over time. It involves:

• Continued link building, keyword and Google AdWord support
• Monthly SEO reporting
• Ongoing SEO support FOXTEL ONLY

50K per week
w/c 7th August
4 week run
Women 40-64

Total spots: 1,314
Total audience: 7,731,000
CPM: $25.87

Channels include:
Lifestyle Home, 13th Street, Lifestyle You, Bio, FOX Classics, History Channel, W, Lifestyle Food, Universal, Lifestyle Channel, UKTV, Crime & Investigation, TLC NINE ONLY

50K per week
w/c 7th August
4 week run
Women 40-64

Total spots: 664
Total audience: 3,409,000
CPM: $58.67

Channels include:
9, GO! and GEM
across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth Option 1 Option 2 FOXTEL 100K + NINE 100K

50K per week
w/c 7th August
4 week run
Women 40-64

Total spots: 989
Total audience: 5,582,000
CPM: $35.83

Channels include:
9, GO! And GEM across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth
Lifestyle Home, 13th Street, Lifestyle You, Bio, FOX Classics, History Channel, W, Lifestyle Food, Universal, Lifestyle Channel, UKTV, Crime & Investigation, TLC Option 3 Next Steps Lets discuss costs and Timeline
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