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Progression of Propaganda through Time

Political propaganda changes during wartime

Megan McPherson

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Progression of Propaganda through Time

Propaganda Megan McPherson Just... Exposure Global Classroom Project Who: Russian/American Students

Where: Georgia Tech/European
University at St. Petersburg

When: Fall 2001

What: Wartime Propaganda Reports

How: GCP's Cross-Cultural Digital
Group 1: Examination of Propaganda on WWW News Sites
Group 2: The Technological Development of Propaganda
Group 3: Wartime Visual PropagandaWorld War I-Cold War
Fall 2001 Semester Global Classroom Project World War I to the Cold War Ethics Personality easter time zone moscow time zone Significance the high quality of work for groups 1, 2 and 3 reflects the successfulness of cross-cultural
communication within the global classroom project GCP Digital Collage This digital collage is an interpretation of my analytical research. I used my scholarly findings of propaganda's progression through time to create this digital product. The collage is what I found to be significant issues and technologies pertaining to propaganda into today’s society. My investigation into the different media forms that directly influence our society each day and their relation to the cross-cultural communication within the GCP will provide the program with improvements for Russian/American relations. Recommendations Wider-range of information From my research into the GCP I recommend that the program expands the range in which the students explore their resources and for the program to explore outlets of communication that will encourage a more personal level in the formal reports. increase personal aspect
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