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what we all do


Teresa Heap

on 18 January 2010

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Transcript of what we all do

Who we are &
what we all do e-services Research Advice on how to:
use our online resources
write for the web Who
teaching staff
internal staff
external suppliers Current projects
www.ifslearning.ac.uk relaunch
Teacher Induction
New KnowledgeBank
Online conferencing
DipFA course design
Review online student provision
the next
big things
in the
world of
technology carrying out our own research sharing best practice with other organisations Helping the wider organisation
effectively plan and implement
projects involving learning technologies.
staff (wikis, VLE, devolved publishing, writing for web)
students (f2f KB research skills, induction programmes, user guides)
tutors (VLE training, forum advice, how to write for the web) Sophie Haynes, web content manager
oversee websites inc. Intranet
ensure content is accurate and consistent
support authors with content and CMS Nicola Scull, Head, e-services Teresa Heap & Jo Richardson, Learning Technologists
improve the student learning experience
research/introduce new ideas/technologies
pedogogical and technical support

Khumo Fisher & Laura Knox, Research Specialists
managing and maintaining content
reviewing and selecting suitable resources
marketing and promotion
desk research Jemma Grout, project manager
co-ordinate activity relating to e-services
project plans
keep everyone updated Communications! e-services
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