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Team Fortress 2

No description

Christian Daulat

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2
Pyro, man or a woman?.Nobody knows if he is a boy. He(I just say hes a boy) is helpful by extinguishing ta by air blasting(for enemies its pushback.) He can also find invisible spies. Pyro sees all as a cute world with rainbows,and babys.175 hp.Remember all the other pyros out there,"Hudda hudda huh!"
Scout and Heavy
Scout is the fastest class in TF2.Witha scattergun he shoots many pellets.(scattergun is like a shotgun)Born in Boston,he likes to brag and thinks he's he best at things.125 hp.
Team Fortress 2
TF2 is a game about teamwork.Be any class and work together to capture intel,capture points,etc.
Soldier Class
Soldiers. One commonly used, it has a rocket launcher and a shotgun as a start. Soldiers are MY favorite class. Soldier wanted to fight in World War 2, it ended, but then he joined the team.200 hp.
Spy and Engineer
Born in France,the Spy is a lady magnet.Being able to turn invisible,he can back stab enemies,being able to kill even a healed Heavy.Also being able to use magnums,Spy is a sneaky class.125 hp.
The Trailer
The Demoman was born at Scottland.An expert at bomb making,he lost an eye while testing.With a grenade launcher that arcs when shoot,and stickybombs,Demoman doesn't have much aim,but an explosive class to play.175 hp.
The Medic was born at Germany.Created his healing gun because when he didn't have it,his teamates lost blood in a pile.Medic knocked over medicine,and made a healing potion.So he put it into a gun that shoots heals.Also has an ubercharge.150 hp.
Heavy with his trusty minigun Sasha.With 300 HP and a powerful gun,running into a heavy is bad.Although the slowest class,medics healing him are not to mess with,because he will have 450 health!
Engineer,born in Texas and learned how to build,can make sentry guns and despensers that dive you back ammo and health.150 hp.
Jhanz's 2favortite
Jhanz's 1
The sniper is Australlian.He can headshot,having a chance to crit.He can use his jaratie,that whoever has it on,will be taking critical hits.If you are a good sniper,you'll love this class.125 hp.
The baby Heavy,and scout...To pyro
It's a little over exaggerated
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