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Verbal Communication

No description

Robyn Madson

on 28 April 2017

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Transcript of Verbal Communication

Verbal Communication
Words: What are they?
A word is a SYMBOL that represents a thing, but is NOT the thing itself.
Where can we find the meanings of words?
The dictionary? Not exactly...

Words come with different meanings.

The basic, shared definition
You could find this in most dictionaries.
Meanings of Words
The "emotional" meaning of a word

What the word means based on:
The words around it
The speaker and the receiver
The situation
Why does language change?
What kind of "languages" do people use?
Regional Terms
definition: words or phrases used in a particular geographical area
definition: word or phrase used by
people in a geographical area.
examples: Hotdish vs. Casserole
"As nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs"
definition: particular form of language used in a geographical area that is distinct based on sound, word use, and other linguistic features
examples: Creole, Minnesotan, Bostonian
Cultural Terms
Technical Language and Jargon
Language Strategies: How to use language to improve relationships
Building Up or Putting Down
Revealing the Self and Concealing the Self
Including and Excluding
Code Switching
definition: speech that is regarded as informal and typically used in speaking rather than writing. It is typically restricted to a particular group of people.
definition: words used by people who belong to a particular culture.
definition: specialized words used by a particular profession or group that may be difficult for "outsiders" to understand.
Technical Language is generally more formal than jargon, which you might call the "slang" of a specific profession or interest.
Snow or Skateboarding?
Computer programming?
...now make your own list!
Harvard Dialect Study
How often do you give compliments?
How often do you get compliments?

"Bucket Filling vs. Bucket Dipping"
How much are you comfortable sharing?
Where is it appropriate to share information?
When is the best time?
How will you share information?

What is appropriate for the situation?
Purposeful vs. Accidental Word Choices

Inclusive vs. Exclusive Language
Gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality
The language of business
definition: code switching
occurs when a speaker changes
(or switches) between languages,
often based on the situation.
How can code switching be a positive skill?
How can it confuse communication?
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