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ALADN 2014

No description

Leah O'Gwynn

on 27 June 2014

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Transcript of ALADN 2014

Take you From This.....
To This!
Who are we, and how are we going to do that?!?!
Some Background...
Auburn University is in the Leadership Phase of a billion dollar campaign
Second Success
Scholarship for College of Liberal Arts
You have to start somewhere....
Collaboration is Key

A Personal Investment
The Eckert Diary
Our Goal :
Leah O'Gwynn : Director of Development: Auburn University Libraries

Hank Galbreath: Auburn University Director of Development : Honors College, Graduate School and Veterans/ROTC
Upon Arrival...
Arrived in 2012 and there was little or no collaboration with the library
A Mentor's View
Focused on how we could help each unit achieve their goals while also meeting ours
Give 110%
Encouraged board to give 110% with the 10% going to the library
It Even Worked with Planned Gifts!!

Engineering Planned gift to Benefit Engineering and The Library

Where Are we Now??
One of the first of Foundation Board gifts was a multi-unit gift to library, business, and honors college
First Collaborative
Where are we ....really?
Need to connect further with the Alumni Association in a more collaborative way
Current number of Development officers for Auburn University Foundation is 41 ( not including athletics)
Library does not have a "standard" constituency
Each DO also has their "collaborative efforts" tracked
Each Officer ( including the library) has their own monetary goal and process goals
Goal for Library is 5 mil.
Assigned a mentor
Given a list of previous library donors, most of whom were assigned to other areas
Had no idea where to start to find library prospects
Most officers were not aware of how the library impacts their area and the multitude of services we offer
At the same time central development was working to revamp our on boarding process
Library officer had been in health care non profit before and needed help with transition to higher education
One week after library officer arrived, Auburn University also hired a new Vice President for Development
Wanted to allow officers to be partnered with a mentor/sponsor
Told her that she had to start somewhere....and "take the show on the road"
At the same time our new Vice President instituted a new way of soliciting our Volunteer Leadership for the University
Hosted a lunch and learn for all development staff and central development leadership in the library where we offered tours and info ( and a free lunch)
Asked each subject specialist in library to help prepare a sheet for each college that detailed all of the services and resources offered specifically to their area
Worked through list and contacted each officer and asked to go visit prospects together
Donor increased library giving from annual gifts to planned gifts totaling over $300,000 in 2012/2013
This donor also increased their planned gift to the college by over $600,000
Led to hosting board meetings for other colleges and units in library and allowing them privileged access to special collections
Created new annual donors for library and benefits the other units as well
Assisting other units with oral histories, private tours, talks and outreach
Recently worked with major campaign prospect to secure their archive. This garnered a cash gift for digitization and endowment to support collection. This helped not only library but, made another connection point with donor
Recognize a need for continuing education- So now the library is hosting one on one lunch and learns with each Dean/VP and their Development Team
Discussing traveling with the library and how it benefits the other unit
There is still a need to collaborate further when working with parents
Donor had been asked for multiple professorships and declined
Donors depth of connection has increased and currently we are working on other giving opportunities.
After the speech he took us to see "some" Papers which were really a collection that was as valuable as it was expansive
We offered to take the "show on the road" and went to a small town and the library archivist gave a lecture
Mentioned that he had "some" territorial papers
Donor was an annual scholarship donor
This was vital for establishing that the library would operate as a true team player
So pleased that someone visited, was able to close a planned gift to endow a scholarship
While in Vancouver for ALADN visited alumni in that area
Visited with a College of Liberal Arts graduate
Always end a visit with" I will solicit you for something today...."
Now this is used as an example of ways that you can support Auburn and the Library when visiting with prospective donors
Working with the Library led to the decision to donate a family treasure
Library had already digitized the item.
Shows alumni and friends that we are all working together for the betterment of Auburn
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