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Self Narrative

No description

Cesar Yanez

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Self Narrative

Cesar Yanez
Married September 21, 1998
Born in Oakland, Ca
on Nov. 2, 1973
Class of 1991
16 th year Anniversary
Daniel - 20
Cynthia - 10
David - 6
My Occupation is in
Freight Management
Co-founded Sun City Delivery
in 2006
Sold company to Texas Land
and Air Inc. in 2010
Currently working at Old Dominion as a CSR
Moved to El Paso, Texas
in 2004
Enrolled in EPCC in Fall 2009
Decided to go back to school to
set an example for my kids
Graduated Spring 2012 with
3 Associates Degrees
Graduated from the
University of Texas at El Paso
BBA in Accounting
Goal to obtain MBA and CPA
Oldest graduated from
High school -Class of 2012
Is currently attending
California State University

Hobbies and Free Time
My Favorites
Food - Mom's cooking
Music - All 80's (Pop, Rock, Rap, ect.,)
Car - 67' Mustang
Restaurant - Was The Rain Forest Cafe, Now is Great American Land & Cattle
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