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The Cold War: Why did our "allies" become our enemies?

The Cold War with its "HOT" Conlicts: Korea

Deborah Bertschi

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of The Cold War: Why did our "allies" become our enemies?

The Cold War: Why
did "Allies" become Enemies?

1945: Germany Surrenders(May);
US drops two atomic bombs on Japan; Japan
surrenders (August)
What "Time" is it? A Timeline
1947: President Truman requests aid for Greece and Turkey, laying out the foundations of the Truman Doctrine (March)
1946: Churchill warns of Soviet
"Iron Curtain" in eastern Europe (March)
1948: Soviet-backed coup brings communists to power in Czechoslovakia (February)
1947: Secretary of State Marshall proposes
US aid program for Europe (June)
1949: North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NATO established (April)
1948: Soviets blockade West Berlin, forcing the
US to supply the city by air (June) until the following year on May 1949, when the Soviets lifted the blockade.
1949: Communists gain
power in China (September)
1949: Soviets successfully test their first
atomic bomb (August)
1950: North Korea attacks South Korea,
prompting the US to send troops to turn
back the invasion (June)
Bay of Pigs: Cuba
A Documentary
Cuban Missile Crisis
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall"
Bob Dylan
Who were the main players
on each TEAM?
What Was the Cold War?
How did it affect America's perception
of the world? The world's perception of the US?
Khan Academy
Korean War Overview
Marshal: "Our Policy is directed not against country or
doctrine, but against hunger, poverty, desperation, and chaos."

USSR refused to play along commenting that the Marshal
Plan was and "imperialist" plan.
DEFCON: Defense Condition
Readiness for nuclear war; a scale; DEFCON 2 used for first and only time on October 24, 1962; runs from five (peace-time) to zero (nuclear attack)
"Hard Rain is a desperate kind of song. Every line in it is actually the start of a whole song. But when I wrote it, I thought I wouldn't have enough time alive to write all those songs so I put all I could into this one" Bob Dylan
No one in the public really knew how dangerous the BOMB was! Extensive testing had been done and the government knew that "ducking and covering" would not help. Why would the Government produce this film?
Student Education produced in 1951
What have we learned? Leningrad by Billy Joel
was written after the end of the Cold War . . . but
it gives a chance to review!
Remember: There is no pure:
Be Castro
Who Cares about the Cuban Missile Crisis
Be Kennedy
Be Khrushchev
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