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Davianelis Montalvo Suarez

No description

Susan Baker

on 8 May 2018

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Transcript of Davianelis Montalvo Suarez

Dinka tribe
Women's in south Sudan, wear "Tops" as a way for others to know that they are Sudanien. They also wear them like a traditional way like the other womens.
South Sudan is located right in the middle of Sudan, North of South Sudan, Uganda/ Congo South of South Sudan, Ethiopia East of South Sudan and Central Africa Republic West of South Sudan.
Dinka's food mainly contains: Cow, Milk, Fish, Meat, Beans, tomatoes and rice
The Flag of Sudan has a horizontal stripe of red on top and white in the middle and the bottom is black, and a large triangle to the left of the flag.
Life as a kid
More water less sickness!
Help us help Them
More water less Sickness
Name picking for adults
Men and women's pick their name from their favorite cow or oxen because they prefer to be greeted by their favorite cattle name.
Due to a war, Sudan has no real holidays except one which is, the Autumn celebration which is yet still not a real holiday.
Life as a kid in Sudan is very different from many other places. Boys enjoy playing but they also have to hunt and make tools for hunting. Unlike boys girls have to walk once or twice everyday to get water for their families and have to do housekeeping and have to help their moms.
When a young boy becomes a man he gets renamed by his favorite bull.
In 1930, A school system was introduced. After war the schools and school system all disapeared. Kids did not go to school until the age of 10 or middle school age. Imagine doing 1st grade in 6th grade.
For years people having been relaying
on scientist to find ways to get water
across the world. Us as humans should
be the responsible ones to help out the other humans just like us.
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