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An individual appoach to exploring diversity!

Diversity training developed for one-on-on training.

GinNeal McVay

on 13 April 2012

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Transcript of An individual appoach to exploring diversity!

In the past this country was called "the great melting pot." Customs and cultures from many other lands were expected to blend together, like ingredients in a cream soup. An individual approach to exploring diversity Today, we're starting to realize that the U.S. is more like a tossed salad- a variety of flavors, textures, colors and shapes. Why should I understand diversity? Because diversity can enrich your live - and your world. Understanding and appreciating differences helps: Individuals Groups Communities Diversity
(Relationships) Affirmative Action
(Representation) EEO
(Requirements) What makes a person unique? appearance
body size
skin color
clothing ethnicity & culture
language age family life
family size
marital status
parental status religious, spiritual or philosophical beliefs sexual orientation physical and mental abilities life experiences educational background work experience
management status
work content/field recreational habits geographic location military status political outlook prejudice & stereotypes
keep us from knowing individuals
cut us off from fresh ideas
limit a person's opportunities
make a person feel rejected and resentful; he or she may even come to believe the stereotype judgments
When we make a judgment before getting to know someone, we pre-judge the person (the source of the word prejudice)
When we assume everyone in a certain group is the same, we stereotype and don't see people as individuals. Take a look at others What's your bias profile? The F.A.I.R. Approach Feedback Assistance Inclusion Respect Do I give others adequate information?
Am I open to feedback from others?
When I give feedback, do I give "good" feedback? Do I provide assistance and support?
Have I asked for the assistance and support I need?
When I offer assistance, does my approach facilitate or hinder support?
Do I take steps to ensure everyone is included?
Do I behave in a way that makes everyone feel included or excluded?
Do I tolerate others behaving in a way that causes others to feel excluded? Do I demonstrate appropriate respect for others?
Am I responsive to indications that others feel disrespected?
Am I aware that respect may mean different things to different people? Getting more out of your relationships Be open about differences Don't assume anything Encourage questions Develop friendships Don't make someone a spokesperson Don't tell jokes about protected groups Make your feelings known Mistakes happen Benefits Respect
Better communications
Working together toward mutual goals
Handling difficulties
Building relationships So, Celebrate Diversity Take Pride in your own uniqueness
Welcome oTHERs as individuals with special qualities
enjoy your similarities and differences When you appreciate diversity, you enrich your world Aware of bias Unaware of bias Does not act on bias Acts on bias
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