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Music Video

No description

Shannon Roberts

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Music Video

The Beatles found it impossible to appear on every music TV Show throughout the world to promote their music so on 23 November 1965 they produced a series of promotional films to be broadcasted by Television companies around the world. ‘We Can Work It Out’, ‘Day Tipper’,
‘Help!’, ‘Ticket to Ride’ and ‘I Feel Fine’ were filmed. In all promotional films they managed to catch the energy, popularity and humor that the Beatles were known for. The Beatles MTV l Music Video MTV is an American television channel based in New York City that was launched in August 1981. The original purpose for MTV was to play music 24 hours with videos guided by on-air hosts such as VJs (Video Jockeys). In present time, MTV primarily shows reality programmes that are aimed at a younger audience. On 1st August 1981 at 12.01 am MTV was launched. the channel was introduced with the words ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, Rock and Roll’ and played photos of the Apollo 11 moon landing with the flag representing the MTV Logo changes to various colours. The first ever music video to be played on MTV was
‘The Buggles ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’. Once each
video had finished, the screen would go black so
that an Employee at MTV was able to inserted a tape into a VCR ready for the next song to be played. The original five MTV VJs in 1981 were Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman,
Alan Hunter, J.J. Jackson and Martha Quinn. The VJs would record ‘intro’
and ‘outro' segments to the music videos along with music news,
interviews, concert dates and Promotions. History A Music Video is a short 3-4 minute film used for promotional purposes. It's used to help downloads and sales of the song. A Music Video helps to set the meaning of the lyrics in the song by the means of images.
Another reason why a Music Video is used is to entertain the audience. Music Videos offer a wide range
of film making techniques such as animation, live action filming, documentaries and non-narrative
approaches such s abstract film. Most Music Videos are 3-4 minutes long, giving the artist enough time to entertain the audience. There are four main types of Music Video- Performance Clips, Conceptual Clips, Narrative Clips and Non-Narrative.

Performance Clips- Concentrates on the stage performance of Artist/Band.
Conceptual Clips- Based around a theme r story.
Narrative- Mini Films. For example Michael Jackson's Thriller and You Rock My World.
Non-Narrative- Often dream-like or random thoughts. Content For a live performance video, the content is mostly the same for all live music videos. They contain shots of the Artist/Band performing and playing their instruments. They also contain shots of the audience as well as the Artist which creates the atmosphere for the audience that they are at the concert.
Some Music Videos are more realistic, containing shots of the Artist/Band backstage fooling around or warming up for a gig. Idea of a Spectacle Music Videos can be good examples of a Spectacle. Artists performing can be looking directly at the viewer, direct address, where they interact with the audience. If the Artist is male, the male is seen to be addressing the viewer directly, as if he is singing to them. Female Artists are often as an erotic gaze, the object of male desire. A voyeur is someone who looks at someone for pleasure. This means females in Music Videos are often dressed and pose in sexual ways. Thematic Common themes in Music Videos depend on the genre or music. For example in many female Music Videos a dance routine is common and heavy metal bands go for more performatic dominated clips. Symbolic The use of symbols in Music Video builds up the meaning (Graveyard- Death, Hearts-Love). Music Videos often contain the use of montage, placing an image of one thing next to something else and the audience automatically create a relationship between the two. I.E. A shot of a man then a shot of a new born baby, the audience come to the conclusion he is the baby's father. Denotations and Connotations Connotation- what the society think of the word/image. Denotation- What the literal meaning is of the word, the 'dictionary definition'. Rat- A rodent that resembles a large mouse

Dirty, Unhygienic (Connotation). Genres POP- Pop, Music, known as Popular Music, is a genre of music which originated in the 1950s. Pop songs are usually in a chorus structure and most Pop Genre videos contain Dance Routines, which keeps the video in its genre. HIP HOP- Hip Hop Music, also known as Rap Music, is a music genre that consists of stylized rhythmic music commonly accompanied by Rapping, rhythmic speech.
It developed as part as a Hip Hop culture containing MCing/Rapping, Djing, Break Dancing and Graffiti Writing. R&B- Rhythm and Blues, often abbreviated as RnB is a genre of popular African-American music that originated in the 1940s.
The term was originally used by record companies to describe records by African- Americans. ROCK- Rock music is a genre of music that originated from Rock and Roll in the 1950s America and developed into a range of different styles in the 1960s.
Rock music is mainly centered around an Electric Guitar, usually as part of a rock group with bass guitars and drums. REGGAE- Reggae Music was first developed in Jamaica in the late 1960s. Reggae is easily recognized as rhythmic accents to the beat, usually played by the guitar and/or piano. Conventions Ed Sheeran- Small Bump
2011 Genre- Indie Pop
Themes- A common theme throughout the music video is about being broken hearted in the means of losing something you love.
The surroundings around you falling apart- people arguing, people hurt. Narrative- The music video carries a story of a woman having a miscarriage at 4 months.
Symbolic Elements- The ward that the video is set is empty, relating to the idea of the feeling of emptiness that has been left.
The video starts of by leading up to Ed Sheeran and then pans away from him- this relates to the idea of a miscarriage, the baby develops then dies (coming and going in a short space of time). Technical Aspects-
Visual- people passing by fade out as they walk pass Ed Sheeran, again relating to the idea of miscarriage coming and going.
At the beginning of the music video there camera cuts to 4 still images, each last 2 seconds, before cutting the performer. The camera starts by pushing in on the performer leading up to a close up which pans straight pass him before pulling out again. This shot last 1:46. The long shot of the performer lasts 10 seconds before pushing in again and ending on a close up of the performer, 1:31. The end of the video stays on the close up of the performer. To get the effect of the ghosting in and out of the people passing by could have been done by layering up the shot. With the aid of the straight lines the director of the video was able to do several takes of the same shot to build up the layers and add the right effects to the right layer. Michael Jackson- You Rock My World
2001 The song has two videos to its name, one at 5.44 and another which is an extended version at 13.30.
The extended version contains more dialogue and is more of a short film. Michael Jackson has done this idea before for his hit Thriller. Genre- R&B, Pop
The video and lyrics are about being in love and trying gain a woman’s affection. Is also contains a theme of violence as other people in the bar stop him from winning the girl.
This music video carries a story of trying to win a woman's heart. Snap!- Rhythm is a Dancer
1991 Ne-Yo- Let Me Love You
2012 Shannon Roberts Symbolic Elements-
A main symbol throughout the music video is winning and violence. Michael Jackson is winning the girls heart and later on in the video he wins a fight against the men. Violence is present as the breaking of the bottles; fire and a standoff indicate that a fight is coming up. Technical Aspects-
Throughout both extended and short music video most shots are very short, lasting around 2-3 seconds, long enough to hold the viewers attention.
The camera starts as a Wide Shot while the Performers are walking in the door before pulling away as the Performers walk down the stairs. Even though the camera is pulling away, it looks like the shot is zoomed in as it only shows us half of the performer’s body. During both music videos there are many snap shots which jump from one shot of Michael Jackson to the next shot being of the girl.
This Music Video is very good in keeping the attention of the viewer as the different shots and the length of the shots make the video eye catching. Genre- Eurodance
Themes- Main theme in this Music Video is about feeling the rhythm in a song and just letting yourself dance to the beat as it’s a beat you can feel and is like magic.
This music video carries a dream like story of dancing the rhythm of every beat around you. Symbolic Elements-
The space symbols in the music video have no relation to the song in away. The idea of having a space shuttle/rocket in the background was to make the video different.
Many music videos do this; they make a music video where the story or setting has no relation to the song. Although the audience know there is no relation we still manage to make a mental relation as to why the music video and song lyrics link together. Technical Aspects-
This particular music video is a great at keeping the attention of the viewer as the difference in the length and movement of the shot and the shot type are done in a way to keep the viewer interested.
At the beginning of the video you can see a slight jump in the shots and a ripple that is sent to the beat of the music. The longest shot in this music video is 10 seconds long which is a downwards tilt on the space rocket before it jumps to shot of the dancers.
Most shots in the video range between 2-4 seconds making the video have more snap shots to go along with the beat of the music. Genre- Europop, Pop
Themes-The theme in this music video is about letting someone love and take care of you while you can sort out your problems before you can love you for who you are. Narrative-
Carries a story of telling the girl you love that you can love her and take care of her until she is ready to understand that all you want to do it be there for her.
Symbolic Element-
The Music Video shows us that the performer is willing to show the girl he loves that he does love her.
A theme of love is carried throughout the video relating to the lyrics in the song and the idea of being in an old warehouse with lots of space relates to the idea of the girl no loving herself and that there is a space to be filled of love. Technical Aspects-
The music video consists of Close Ups and Wide Shots of the performer. The shots again are mostly jump cut shots which go along to the beat of the music. Most shots last 2-3 seconds, long enough for the viewer to be able to see what is going on and the create a mental opinion of what they think the video means.
From 1.50 to 1.58, the performer is using direct address as he is singing into the camera to make is seem like he is singing to the viewer.
The shots in this music video are mostly of a dance routine, which helps the video fit into the genre of music. It also helps the Director create interesting shots that can be long or short and help the video look interesting and keeps the viewers attention. Andrew Goodwin 1. Music Videos demonstrate genre, characteristics and conventions. For Example Stage performances and dominated clips in heavy metal and dance routines for female and male artists. 2. There is normally a relationship between the lyrics and visuals present in the Music Video. 3. There is a relationship between the type of music and the visuals present. 4. The demands from the record label will mostly include the need for many close up of the artist. 5. There is a frequent reference of direct address. E.g. Voyeuristic gaze of the female body. 6. Often in Music Videos there is a inter-textual reference to films and TV Programmes (the song being on the soundtrack for a film).
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