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Yin Yang Fish

No description

Samantha Festin

on 25 January 2016

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Transcript of Yin Yang Fish

Yin Yang Fish Origin
Yin Yang fish originated from Taiwan and spread throughout the diners of China as a live fish dish. This is a Taiwanese cuisine that usually comes out as carp.
Who Made It?
Yin Yang Fish
Yin Yang
In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang describes how opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world.
The cost is unknown as the fish is illegal to make and serve.
There is an
exception though...
You are able to cook the Yin Yang Fish yourself since all you have to do is fry its bottom half and top it with something such as sweet and sour sauce.
The Yin Yang fish's head is wrapped in a wet towel and it's bottom half is fried. It is then put into a plate and topped with whatever the diner so chooses.
Taiwan invented this dish and later, word spread to other parts of the world about the infamous dish.
Even though word spread about this dish, people thought of it as cruel. It didn't gain good popularity, but rather, it gained the opposite: It was a dished looked down upon.
Other types of bizarre cuisines
Ikizukuri - live fish served as sashimi (Japanese dish)
Drunken shrimp - live shrimp half-cooked and dipped in sauce, ethanol, and alcohol (Chinese food)
Live seafood - fish, crab, oysters, young shrimp, young octopus
In Taiwan, Veteran chefs will not serve this gourmet dish of a twitching fish.
"The fish's eyes stare at you when you're eating its meat. Do you have the heart to swallow its meat?" (Wang Po-yu, chief chef at fish-specialty restaurant in Taoyuan County).
Article on chefs refusing to serve dead-and-alive fish
Notorious Fame for fish dish
Cost (Continued)
Recipe & Ingredients
1 deep-fried whole fish - carp or salmon
1 tbsp soy sauce / squid sauce
1 small bowl of green onions
Chop onions into several pieces.
Place fish on cooking pan.
Pour reserved sauce over fish.
Serve the fish half-cooked on a long plate.
Make sure the fish is still alive after cooking it.
Add toppings of any sort, for example, vegetables or seasonings like salt and pepper.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Tries to prevent animal cruelty and research
Animal rights campaigns - stopping people from making fur coats and animal leather or fabric items and clothes in fashion industry
Avoids dairy consumption, fishing and hunting
Promotes vegan lifestyle throughout the world
By Peperonis
Originated from Taiwan
Half of the fish is alive while other half is fried
PETA strongly oppose this dish
The cost is unknown due to its secrecy
There are dishes similar to Yin-Yang Fish
Rare photos of
Yin Yang Fish
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