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The Necessity of a Personal philosophy

No description

Young Kim

on 29 October 2016

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Transcript of The Necessity of a Personal philosophy

문제제기 : Many Christian Schools have not been deliberately built upon a distinctive Christian philosophy.
세속세상에서 기독교 교육을 수행하기란 간단치 않다. 세속주의와 물질주의 오염된 세상에서 어떻게 기독교 교육을 수행할까? Christian institutes are often riddled with an aggressive and all-pervasive secularism and materialism.
절충주의는 위험하다. 비록 시대가 혼합주의를 주도하는 시대가 되었어도 영적인 분별력을 가지고 기독교 교육을 이루워야 한다. Eclecticism - Religious multi-pluralism
After studying the various philosophies and educational theories, a person is almost certain to note that there is something good in each of them. ---절충주의는 아니고 자세히 살펴서 장점을 취하는 지혜는 요구된다.
idealsim --- accent of timeless realism 형이상학에 대한 관심 영원한 것에 대한 연구
reconstructionism ---beter social order ///all are patch -work quilts---their own beauty and functionality
Gordon Clark noted that what goes by the name of Christian education is sometiems a program of "pagan education with a chololate coating of Christianity.
155 p
Existentialism : places upon individual responsibility and personal choise.
realsim: has concern for natural law.
progressivism has concern for the interest of child in the learning process.
The Necessity of a Personal philosophy 154 p
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