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The Slender Sous Pitch

ENTR 101 - Imagination, Creativity & Entrepreneurship

Eugene Moxley

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of The Slender Sous Pitch

We Respect the Dieter!
The Slender Sous
Super fresh ingredients
The Fat Facts
Over two thirds of American adults
are overweight, and the

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) reported that
35.7% of adults (78 million) and
17% of children (12.5 million) are obese.

Deiting is Hard!
All of us want to eat healthily,
but it is easy to go astray.

Time Constraints tempt us with
less healthy choices.

Diet foods are not satisfying.

The Competition
Dream Dinners and Let's Dish
Market Segment Profiles
The Driven - Young to middle-aged adults that want a healthy lifestyle while minimizing the time it takes to have it.
108 million Americans are dieting,
spending at least $20 billion
per year to do so.
ENTR 101
Imagination, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Innovative Product Presentation I
by "Sonny" Eugene Moxley

Summer 2013
Time saving convenience
Menus that cater to
specific diets, needs and tastes
The Stretched - Families trying to eat healthy and still make it to all of their activities.
Under Orders - a caregiver or a person having health problems that need to carefully watch what they eat and how it is prepared.
Our products satisfy the discerning, time constrained, and health conscious.
Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem
Local franchised meal assembly kitchens are similar in their model but do not shop locally for fresh ingredients or target dieters as customers.
The national weight loss DIY diet companies do offer convenience, but cannot use fresh, local and organic ingredients.
Our innovation is a delicious combination of:
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