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ACT Writing - Step 5

Expand the arguments listen in your thesis using logic, common sense, and personal experience in your body paragraphs

Mary Margaret Healy

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of ACT Writing - Step 5

Details & Support in Body Paragraphs Body paragraphs in ACT-stye essays serve to expand on the arguments listed in your thesis.

They have three parts:
Topic sentence
Supporting Arguments or Details
Concluding sentence

Use logic, common sense, and personal experience to give support to your main arguments. Thesis:
"Purchasing a mobile phone is a smart way to save money, avoid inconvenience, and be of assistance in an emergency situation." Begin with your thesis Paragraph topic:
"smart way to save money." Organize your Paragraph Having a mobile phone can actually save you a lot of money. Of course, there is a contract you must pay for on a monthly basis, but almost all mobile phone plans offer the actual phone free with the contract. In addition, many companies offer start-up and change-over deals, so if you shop around, you can get the lowest price out there for a contract. You can also save on long-distance calls if you make them on your mobile phone rather than your regular phone. This is because many companies offer bonus minutes, especially on the weekends. If you use those minutes for long-distance calls, you can save hundreds of dollars a year. Now there are so many bonus minute deals that people have started using their mobile phones more than their house phones for local calls. It’s simply cheaper to use the minutes allotted in their plan than to rack up charges making calls from the house phone. So if you’re interested in saving money, a mobile phone might help you put more money in the bank. Example Paragraph Thesis:
Physical education is a necessary part of students' education because physical health is very important for teenagers, exercise builds confidence and reduces stress, and gym teachers need the jobs to support their families. Now You Try Summarized Prompt:
Is it a worthwhile investment to purchase a mobile phone? Supporting details:
mobile phones often free with contract
long-distance cheaper on mobile phones
bonus minutes can be used for local calls
Write the second paragraph of the mobile phone essay: Practice purchasing a mobile phone is a smart way to avoid inconvenience
Some ideas for supporting arguments are given on your worksheet:
no need to find a working pay phone
can call home from the grocery store
can call for reservations on the way to the restaurant
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