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Physics Egg Cart Project

No description

Jasie Mathew

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Physics Egg Cart Project

If you're ever bored one day... You may ask yourself:
How can I build a cart
that will get an egg
safely down an elevated
ramp? EVALUATE!!! This Fwall seems accurate, because the number has to be negative. It has to be negative, because the force of the wall pushed back on the egg cart in the opposite (left) direction. The Delta P that we obtained before also seemed accurate, because in order for the final velocity to equal zero, the Delta P had to be negative and it was :) . Egg Cart
Project Interior and Exterior
made of LEGOs -provided a sturdy seat for the egg to sit in
- tough enough to withstand breaking when crashing into the wall
-a "strong occupant compartment"
- provides needed "side door strength"
hmmmm Gripped Wheels attached
by special LEGO Pieces - The tires are a kinetic frictional force that keeps the cart in motion.
-The friction between the ramp and the cart determined the acceleration at which the cart was moving down the ramp.
-Our wheels controlled how fast the cart went down which prevented the cart from breaking as it hit the wall.
- The "tread" design of the tire provided the perfect traction for the smooth surface of the ramp. Deeply Built Seat with Duct-Taped
Bottom and Sides plus Cotton Cardboard Backboard secured with Duct Tape around the car and covered with cotton
-The cardboard backboard was added in case the egg was released from the seat.
-The duct tape keeps the board and cotton secure.
-It acts almost as an airbag and headrest in our vehicle.
- The cotton provides even more security to prevent the egg from cracking. A 0.165 kg egg in a cart is dropped down
a ramp elevated 60° above the
horizontal surface.
What is the force exerted by
the wall when the cart crashes into it? Let's think first. What safety features do our real-life cars have that protect the driver? - A Strong Occupant Compartment
-Side Door Strength
-Padding on the Inside Door Panels
-Seat Belts
-Head Rests Now we have an idea of what
our cart should have! so here's what we used to make our cart! Word Problem ramp - By building a deep seat for the egg, we kept the egg from being able to fall out when experiencing the force of the wall.
-The tape on the bottom of the seat and around the sides held the egg in place and acted as a seat belt. - The cotton provided extra protection for the egg in case it moved during the crash.
- The cotton prevented Newton's first
and third laws from injuring the egg. Newton's first law states that "An object at rest remains at rest unless acted upon by a force." The third law states, " When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to that of the first body." The cotton kept the egg at rest throughout and stopped the "equal and opposite force," from the wall to the cart, from cracking the egg. WE HAVE
FOR OUR EGG! so... Let's put
it all together! System: Cart holding the egg Info from graph:
v(0)= 2.9 m/s
v(f)= 0
t=0.35 s P = -0.4785 kg*m/s Now solve for Fwall! Fwall= -1.367 N We used the motion detector to obtain our information more efficiently. If we did not use the motion detector, we would have to pull out all sorts of equations and formulas to solve for each unknown. The motion detector diagram gives us all the information we need :) by: Jasie Mathew THE END :D
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