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Copy of Educational Technology

An overview of what this course will cover.

sandra thomison

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Educational Technology

A Local School
Community Who Are The Stakeholders in Mr. Eveland Our students of today are our future
leaders we we must
be invested in their tomorrow ~ today. From the first breath...
a child takes, the brain starts to function and parents become
the first stakeholder... finding the best education
for the child becomes priority.... K-5th grade... 6th-8th grade.. Widening the scope we
see the additional
stakeholders involved
in the public education
system. The accountability starts with
the best school district. The teachers, principals, faculty and staff who are hands on... It is vital that a district has a strong foundation, comprised of solid leadership in a superindendant and administration,along with a competent school board... The State, Senators, Govenors make sure that the Education Agencies filter the curriculum to districts Preparing Students
For The Workforce: network engineer dell computer social worker administrator personal trainer lawyers executive medical actors Home depot childhood development chefs musician pro-athlete President
Professor construction future leaders marketing civil
engineers pharmacist authors apple IBM public relations dentist acrhitects teachers Military Service NETS-T The President: References:
Website: Prezi.com template used http://prezi.com/o5y07grpnnkh/edit/#120 9th-12th grade President Obama campaigned on the
education platform. His moto is:
He has already started making good on his
promises of a better education for all. He has
afforded opportunites work stay at home mothers
to return to school, and provided lowered tuition
to make it affordable to do so. Bottom line, there are so many
stakeholders involved in the
success of each and every child. Bringing hope for a stronger tomorrow.
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