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Table Setting, Serving, Etquette

No description

McKenzie Tisdale

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Table Setting, Serving, Etquette

Ch. 54- Table setting, Serving, Etiquette I. Setting the Table A. Place setting- The arrangement of tableware that each person needs for a meal

B. Flatware- knife, fork, spoon II. Special Touches A. Table Covering
1. Tablecloth
2. Placemats B. Table Decoration
1. Fresh Flowers
2. Silk Flowers
3. Bowl of fresh fruit
4. Green Plant C. Lighting
1. Candlelight adds elegance III. Serving Styles A. Family Style- Food is brought to the table in bowls and on serving platters, which are passed from person to person B. Plate service- Food is put onto each person's plate in the kitchen and filled plate is then brought to the table C. Buffet Service- All the plates, flatware and food is arranged on a serving table. Diners help themselves IV. Good Manners A. Important because they enable people to have a comfortable and enjoyable experience
B. The way you look, the way you eat, and the way you talk with others indicate your respect for them and yourself
C. The good manners you practice at home will be an asset as you enjoy meals in social setting Cont. Good Manners D. Good mealtime hygiene is important both for your own health and for the health of others
E. Etiquette- Accepted rules of behavior in a culture
F. Tipping- extra money to servers in appreciation of good service
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