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Employee DIS-satisfaction Guaranteed: The Voices of Customer Service

No description

Jasmine Clark

on 17 May 2015

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Transcript of Employee DIS-satisfaction Guaranteed: The Voices of Customer Service

"Employee DIS-satisfaction Guaranteed"
I had an angry lady give me a nose bleed. She was already angry and she told me to reach into her basket over the counter to get a projector out of her cart. I kept trying to reach to get it- leaning way over the counter, she got annoyed at how long I was taking so she grabbed the handle for the box and pulled it up fast, knocking me in the face and giving me a nose bleed. Her next comment was 'you better not get blood on my clothes you're bagging.' All over not having her 30% with her. Oh- and I wasn't even allowed to leave the register after she left and my nose was bleeding. My manager gave me a napkin and told me to use hand sanitizer and move on to the next customer.
Back when I first got promoted and was working the store alone, I had a woman come in with her sister (I'm assuming) with a dsi in shoddy box, no charger, nothing else, not even a serial code and she pompously demanded to make a return (not ask mind you). I politely asked her if she had the receipt for it, and she said she didn't, bought it 3 months ago and said to just look it up in the system. I told her, "Ma'am, I apologize, but without a receipt and all of the proper equipment that came with the system when you first purchased it, I cannot do a refund or exchange of any kind". She, obviously, did not take it well and proceeded to yell at me demanding to make me do the return and causing a commotion at the store. Trying to not snap at her, I calmly told her again that I can't return it. She threatens to call the cops on me if I didn't do it, and once again, I told her that I can't do anything about it. She storms out of the store with her sister only to return 5 minutes later with one of Prince William's finest while she had the biggest smug look on her face as I was trying to help out other customers. I acknowledged to the cop that I will be right there to assist you (the cop was really nice to me about it while the woman told me to hurry up) as I was helping other customers. Once I finished up with the last customer, I printed out a piece of the receipt paper that had all of the return stipulations, turned to the cop, showed him the back of the receipt and told him, "Sir, I understand that you were pulled in here because she claims that I refused to return her system, however, due to the company's stipulations on the back of each receipt that prints out whenever we do a transaction, without a receipt and all of the proper equipment that was with the system originally, I am forbidden to do any kind of transaction with this system." As I was talking to him, I noticed the woman's smug impression slowly fading away. The cop turns to the lady, looks at the receipt to confirm what I said, gave her the blank receipt and told both of us to have a nice day and walked away. There was dead silence for a few seconds only to have her tell me, "I demand that your return my system!" I replied to her, "Ma'am, especially after this stunt you just pulled, I am enforcing my right to refuse service. If you don't leave in the next 10 seconds, I will bring that cop back in here, but this time, he won't be helping you, so take your broken system that your spoiled son broke and get out!" Stunned, she and her sister walked out afterwards, and as soon as they left, all of the customers that were there applauded me and told me that they wish they were able to stay as calm as I did during that entire thing...hell of a first day being an assistant manager. XD

“I used to work at a waterpark down where I used to live. . .and we had food carts established around the perimeter, and there were lots of employees who worked there. There was a family who came in—a family of regulars . . . this family comes up, and they expect their order to be put in right away. It was my first day; I was being trained—I didn’t know these people. They came up to my register and expected to hand me their credit card and play, and I asked them what they wanted to order. They said, “Don’t you know?” and I told them I didn’t. They became very snarky, they gave me an attitude—tried to play it off as a joke, actually; they laughed a little bit—they tried to hand me their card again. I was like, I really don’t know what you want to order; what can I get for you?” They proceeded to get really angry, and they were like, “Everyone else here knows us. . .I don’t care if you’re new; you should know.” I tried to explain to him that I was training, and he just wouldn’t have it. At one point, after yelling at me in front of tons of customers and other employees, they asked for the manager . . . they just wanted to speak to the manager just to speak to them. They came back later and performed the exact same shenanigans with me: they proceeded to yell because I didn’t know what they wanted for their afternoon order.”
Amusement Parks
I had a client many years ago (brand new one) come in to get her hair colored. That day, I had put my tips in my drawer, and I had just got done counting my tips right before she got there. I did her color, and she saw my money in there when I opened the drawer to get my clips out. While she was processing, I went into the back to eat something, and she tipped me $20 after I was done and went and paid for her color. I recounted my money afterwards, and it was the same amount as before, so she took $20 from my drawer and tipped me with my own money!
—My mother

“[I had just started at the restaurant], and I had a couple guests come in . . . they had a very good experience throughout their whole meal up until the birthday, and when I went to go grab the lady’s cake for her birthday she saw where the bakery girls had plated the cake, and she saw a lot of servers around her cake. When I lit up the candle for her, and I went to the table, I said ‘Everybody, we have a very special birthday today. . .’ and she cut me off right there. She said, ‘Uh-uh! I don’t want that cheesecake; I don’t like it. Everybody was around it, they were spitting on it, they were breathing all over it, uh-uh. I don’t want it.’ At this point, I didn’t know how to handle it; I was still very new at my job, so I went back, and I kind of threw the cheesecake back [at the bakery]. I was furious; I went to the back to try to calm down, but it didn’t really help. I went back on the floor, and my manager sat me down; she told me to relax, take a couple deep breaths, and I re-plated the lady’s cake, sang to her, but still at the very end she gave me no tip, even though the whole experience was perfect up until the cheesecake part. . .”
"This woman came in, probably in her mid- to late-30s, and in no way looked like someone attractive enough for someone to intentionally plant a human life inside (think like Mama June from Honey Boo Boo) anyway, I worked the guest services desk, so I handled all returns and most purchases. This woman comes in fuming. She hasn't even said anything, and I can tell she's gonna scream at me. Still, I politely greeted her by asking what I could do for her. She brought in a ton of stuff and a registry, so I thought this would be easy. She angrily told me that her friends didn't confer with each other when buying her shower gifts, so she ended up with tons of duplicates and stuff she didn't want. I went ahead and began returning the items while she went on and on about how frustrated she was and how much she hated our store and was so glad she wasn't having anymore kids. I mean sure, that's fair. Our prices sucked, and we had dumb policies, especially regarding returns. I just kept nodding and saying I was sorry and I understood. I told her the total of her refund, and she was outraged, as it was much less than she expected. After reviewing the returns, I explained that a lot of the items weren't purchased off the registry, or their ID numbers weren't the same. Our return policy was that if you'd like to return an item without a receipt or registry, the best we can offer in a refund is the lowest sale price it's been in the last 30 days, so that's why a lot of her items were coming up short. Reading her emotions, I asked if she still wanted to return the items, assuring her that I could undo it if she'd rather keep them. She insisted that they be returned, saying she just didn't want them, again going on a tirade of how shitty our company was, saying she was never gonna shop there again, and tell all her friends not to, and call the corporate office. I again apologized profusely. She left in a storm, shouting over my apologies. The next day, my supervisor began the opening meeting by saying we got a bad review. It wasn't until a couple days later that I heard what the review said. I assumed she just shit-talked the company. No skin off my nose. Nope. She said that I was personally responsible for her horrible retail experience. According to her, I was rude, sarcastic, and unhelpful. My store manager ended up apologizing, refunding her completely, and giving her a $150 gift card to try to placate her. She was unmoved regardless, as expected. He also reprimanded me multiple times, blaming me for losing the company almost $300. Needless to say, it wasn't long before I put in my two weeks’ notice."

It was my first job, 18-years-old, as a receptionist for a regional air carrier. Our headquarters building was right down the road from an airport. One businessman came into the lobby complaining that we'd lost his bag. He was furious. He had an umbrella and began pointing it one or two inches from my nose demanding that Customer Service come downstairs and assist immediately. I was petrified! I never dialed an extension faster. After Mr. Irate-from-Hell left I broke down crying. No one wants their bag delayed, but let's try to bear in mind they'd prefer that your bag wasn't delayed too.

So I was waitressing and I had a party of fifteen. I was also in lower pool so I was closing, and we closed at 2am. Everyone was really cool, I had the credit card of the host of the party and they ended up spending $250. Everything was great they all got sloppy drunk, lots of fun people but they ended up walking out when I was in the kitchen getting food for another table I had. I didn't think anything of it because I had the card and drunk people forget and walk out, it happens. We charge the card and they usually come back the next day for their card. I go to run the card and it gets declined. We couldn't pre-run cards to make sure they worked so I had no way of knowing this would happen and I was pretty new at serving. Needless to say my bosses wouldn't pay the tab, so I had to give up all of my tips for the night to pay it, I only made 200 that night, so I also had to dip into my own money to pay it. Worst experience ever. The guy came back like a month later and left me 15 bucks...

Another time I had a customer who was celebrating with his family that he got a big promotion at work! Awesome! So they end up spending $106 and they only left me $3 after I waited hand and foot on them and made sure they were entertained and had a great time, everyone seemed to like me and had a great time.. Just got a promotion and you can only tip $3??
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