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Top 8 technologies of the future


Catherine Lok

on 11 March 2016

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Transcript of Top 8 technologies of the future

Top 8 technologies of the future
Things that we never thought could exist could finally happen.
We do not know what is ahead of us. But here is an idea....
1. Eye tribe
4. Flying cars
Using your eyes instead of your fingers.
2. Digital blue print in the air
Presenting your work gets easier.
3. Robots can do our jobs
Robot surgeons can act as doctors hands.
Because why not travel in the air.
5. Phones will be more advanced
3D images will pop out of your
smart phones.
6. Your watch pops up too
Finally, watches are like the movies!
7.Transparent planes
We could travel and see everything!
8.Touch screen will be in our hands
Who needs glass touch screen when we can use skin.
Watch this video for more information...
But there are some negatives of " flying cars" such as:
-Not everyone is able to drive those flying cars
-It will be expensive
- It isn't safe or environmentally friendly
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