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Embedded Assessment 2: Writing a Synthesis Paper

No description

Megan Reed

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Embedded Assessment 2: Writing a Synthesis Paper

Embedded Assessment 2: Writing a Synthesis Paper
-Review pg. 81 "Choosing a Position" (first two paragraphs as a class)

-Answer #3 on your own before meeting with your group.
SpringBoard Unit 1, ELA Level 5
Students will be able to collaborate with group members to reach a consensus in response to a synthesis essay.
-Refer to posted group assignments
pg. 82
4. Working with your group, brainstorm three different ways one could respond to this type of prompt - by defending, challenging, or qualifying it....
Culture consistently informs the way one views the world and others.
Culture rarely informs the way one views the world and others.
Culture sometimes informs the way one views the world and others.
Group Norms
Before we begin writing, you will be forming a list of group norms that you will abide by throughout the writing process.

Directions: In your "my notes" section of SB, write down two norms that you want to implement in groups. (This is on your own)
Share out your norms and choose the top 5. Write them down on a piece of paper and make sure everyone in your group signs the bottom of the paper. I will have you post these on your table everyday we do group work for the essay.
pg. 82
5. Decide on a group position and write your position in the space provided.
6. Begin to brainstorm stories, essays, poems or real life incidents (your experiences) that support your position. Create a list in your "my notes" section. This will be checked for a grade.
Students will be able to plan a synthesis essay by writing a thesis statement and analyzing potential sources to support their thesis.
"Check for understanding" pg. 82.
--Now that you have reached a consensus and brainstormed support for your position, construct a well-crafted thesis statement that asserts your group's position.--
Review thesis handout
pg. 83 Creating an Argument
"How can I use literature as the primary sources of an argument?"
2. Each member of your group will select TWO authors from the unit who is relevant to the conversation about how culture informs perspective. Your task is to reread the texts and fill in the graphic organizer on pg. 83. When you have finished, be prepared to report your findings to the group.
-After everyone has presented their findings, choose the top three texts to use to support your position.
Writing Jobs
Opening paragraph (hook and thesis)
Paragraph 2 -- support paragraph #1 (independent)
Paragraph 3 -- support paragraph #2 (independent)
Paragraph 4 -- support paragraph #3 (independent)
Final Paragraph --conclusions and call to action
Divide up the work and begin outline and writing
Write assigned paragraphs
--Essays are due tomorrow @ the end of the period
-Write introduction as a group. Refer to the argumentative paper format handout and pg. 85 as a reference.
-Add body paragraphs
-Write conclusion as a group. Refer to the argumentative paper format handout and pg. 85 as a reference.
**Disclaimer** If you whine or complain or make up an excuse I will remember this when I grade your essay.
I don't want to hear it....
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