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Segment 2 Collaboration Project

No description

Marcie Goris

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of Segment 2 Collaboration Project

This political cartoon shows the struggles that african americans felt while fighting for a country that wasn't provided basic democratic rights. The note that the soldier is holding reads all about the bloody attack in Selma, Alabama.
I think that the attitude towards civil rights have changed dramatically over the past couple decades. People are more supportive of differences in race, religion, gender, sexual status, and much more. The civil rights movement set a bar a long time ago and in today's day and age, people are going above and beyond that goal. I think as time goes on, civil rights will progress more and more.
This political cartoon represents the decision made in the case of Brown v. The Board of Education where they declared that segregation in schools were unequal.
Marcela Goris
Segment 2 Collaboration Project
This cartoon shows how during this time, both races took their beliefs to the extreme using violence to enforce their cause. In this picture the Black Panthers and the Ku Klux Klan are seen as equals in their march.
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