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Innovation Ecosystem

Supporting Next Generation Tech Entrepreneurs - Adetunji Eleso, Director Pre-Incubation & Research – CcHUB // @etcho3

Zane Groshelle

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Innovation Ecosystem

Innovation Ecosystem supporting next generation tech entrepreneurs The Social Innovation Nest
@Cc_HUB is a social innovation center dedicated to accelerating the application of social capital and technology for economic prosperity The innovation hub is Nigeria’s premier living lab designed as a space where work to catalyze creative social tech ventures take place Nigeria’s first open
living lab for technologists,
entrepreneurs, tech companies,
investors and hackers in
and around
Lagos. Approach IDEAS IMPACT DISCOVERED SHARED DEVELOPED FUNDED SCALED Community A collective of progressive stakeholders who work, network, share ideas & resources and collaborate Open Living Lab Open innovation ecosystem in which user driven innovation is integrated in co-creative process of new services,
products and societal
infrastructure Pre-Incubation & Research Proactive provision consisting of a bouquet of support activities including trainings, advice, mentorship and
funding GEEKS & CREATIVES Product Design, Development & Testing ACADEMICS Thought leadership / Knowledge Partnership INVENTORS Innovation Facilitation PUBLIC AGENCIES Due diligence for Start-Ups /
Open Innovation Sessions ENTREPRENEURS Meeting room & Space Rentals CHANGE AGENTS Pre-Incubation Space
Training & Coaching TECH COMPANIES Business Intelligence Knowledge Exhibition INVESTORS Seed Capital Management Networking Events an offline content delivery server designed to deliver multi-media directly into mobile devices via a local wireless network Varsoft Media Server a platform for citizens to measure the performance of Government against plans and promises provided for in their budgets iWatch a web and mobile based health information service platform which aims to work with government agencies to disseminate health information widely in Nigeria 123Health a mobile testing platform tied to school curriculum
• designed to provide access to learning and assessment resources to secondary school students EFIKO Traclist a product discovery platform that provides inventory management solution to small businesses while exposing their products to busy consumers via web and mobile a managed platform which allows users to point local problems to public institutions responsible to aid prompt fixing Residents educative software games that combine animation, sounds, videos, games, graphics and text to teach local languages in a fun and engaging manner ASA a web platform for user-friendly presentation of state and federal budget
• to include charts and performance analysis for proper understanding of what budget entails. BudgIT Portfolio Community It is a place to: …a platform to nurture globally relevant solutions & entrepreneurs For partnership enquiries 'Bosun Tijani
CEO & Co-founder - CcHUB
m: +234 705 844 6350 • facilitate creative thinking and collaborative problem solving
• encourage technology innovation in Nigeria
• encourage shared accountability between technologist & innovators
• serve as a living lab for prototyping and testing
• build new skills and competencies
• connect, share, create and find expertise Report
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