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Judith Jamison

No description

laken hunt

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Judith Jamison

By: Laken Hunt and Heather Mitchem Judith Jamison Background Influences Philosophy/Style Dance Works Conecction to modern dance Legacy Pictures Born- May 10th, 1943
Attended Philadelphia Dance Acadamy
Preformed with American Ballet Theatre in 1964
Went to New York
Joined Alvin Aliey in 1965
Then formed her own company and called it The Jamison Project in 1988
Returned to the theatre in 1989
Became an artistic director when Alvin died
Retired in 2011 Father taught her how to play piano and violin
exposed prominent culture at early age
at age 6 began dancing at Judimar School of Dance
there she studied with her early mentors Marion Cuyjet
in high school she was in the glee club and string ensemble
learned Cechetti with Anthony Tudor
Horton technique with Joan Kerr Elegant
Broadway musical
Modern dance
very tall
long - limbed
leonine grace
sensitive yet sinous style which she brought to her company. Divining 1984
Forgotten Time 1989
Hymn 1993
Dancing Spirit 1993
Here Now 2002
Love Stories 2004
Among Us 2009
Sophisticated Ladies
Best known for Cry: birthday present Kept Aileys legacy going for 20 years.
Done more then just the normal
In 1998 she was the youngest person to ever receive the dance USA award.
Ailey took it upon himself to record and display aspects of the black past
she seems intent on looking to the future while preserving the best of his legacy. Dance style African American
Big star during that time
Company was all African American
Most succsessful modern dancers with Alvin Ailey
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