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My Brother's Peculiar Chicken

No description

Sab dela Fuente

on 22 October 2016

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Transcript of My Brother's Peculiar Chicken

My Brother's Peculiar Chicken.
Alejandro R. Roces
13 July 1924 – 23 May 2011
Alejandro R. Roces:
- Anding Roces.
- Received his B. A. in Fine Arts from University of Arizona, and his masters from Far Eastern University, Manila.
- Short story writer, essayist, journalist, dramatist, educator, public servant, and deemed as the country's best writer of comic short stories.
A former captain in the Marking’s Guerilla during World War II and a columnist in Philippine dailies such as the Manila Chronicle and the Manila Times.
Used to be the president of Manila Bulletin and of the CAP College Foundation.
Became chairman of the MTRCB.
"Roses and Thorns" - a column he used to maintain in the Philippine Star.
In his innumerable newspaper columns, he has always focused on the neglected aspects of the Filipino cultural heritage.
Roces brought to public attention the aesthetics of the country’s fiestas, notably Moriones and Ati-atihan.
Personally led the campaign of changing the country's day of independence from July 4 to June 12.
Also known for recovering the stolen original manuscripts of Noli Me Tangere, El Filibusterismo, and Mi Ultimo Adios.
Among the many awards and citations Roces received include the Rizal Pro Patria Award, Tanging Parangal of the Gawad CCP for Arts and numerous other recognitions from several countries, including appreciation from the US, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Thailand and China.
He then became a National Artist of Literature in 2003.
"You cannot be a great writer; first, you have to be a good person."
On the story:
Revolves on an unnamed persona and his brother fighting over whether the chicken that they had found was a rooster or a hen.
Both even sought the help of their parents, the teniente, and even a person studying poultry over the matter.
Eventually, the chicken laid an egg.
Filipino Humor
Filipinos love to laugh and have fun.
Laughing at problems.
Low suicide rates compared to other countries.
Optimism in the midst of adversity.
Can often be self depreciating.
Cockfights, bets (pustahan).
Gender Equity
The chicken's ability to fight.
We must not judge everything that's around us based from appearances alone.
Philippine Literature book used this sem.
My Brother's Peculiar Chicken
Presentation by:
Sabrina de la Fuente
John David Dela Cruz
1OTA '13-'14
Philippine Literature
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