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DIY architecture

No description

t k

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of DIY architecture

DIY Culture
Self-identification with the notion of amateurism within the DIY homebuilding communities What do we need to build a house?
Maybe they can help us!
burned down house ? what to do?

Should we build a symbolic house? Where to build and how to make it a home? "Building-performance"? "D.I.Y.- builders" Symbolic house Are we trying to be DIY-builders? The process of building a house starts with a lot of materials that do not look like house, and as the process proceeds, the structure will take on a more house-like look At what point in the building- process will people start asking questions? Will we get too much attention If we attach our house to the containers? If we focus on the process of building, the "performance", the house might not end up looking like an actual house we need more help There is only one rule: There are no rules If you can't build it yourself there is always someone that owes you money, so you can get them to build it for you You just get a caravan, it is not that expensive, and if you get into trouble you can just burn it down - then at least you will have had a place to live for the summer. That one is built around an old caravan. Guldkysten
Musikbyen HF Lorterenden Some bikers tried to build something in that area over there, but we kicked them out. You could try to build something, but if the bikers couldn't , I don't think you can. I got someone to help me, he has a big house over at Guldkysten. CHRISTIANIA "of course you can build a house" This space would make room for a fantastic statement. Can action research be a performance? "If we would try to be D.I.Y builders there is no reason we should do it in two days at campus.
We would do it in someones backyard.”
Limited time Are we to pretend we are building a home? Q: Who helped you build your house, any professionals among the workmen?
A: Nooo, they were just, how should I put it ... gifted people - you know hands on people.
Q: It’s an interesting concept to build your own house.
A: Yes, that way you can pretty much have the way you want it without breaking the rules.
Q: How is ‘lorterenden’ and ‘guldkysten’ different from ‘Musikbyen’?
A: They are not part of this community garden they are simply some people who settled there.
Well, how shall I put it...the people who live there are ...err... filthy...dishonest people. Thieves.

adjusting to the rules
"If you start, are born and then just grow up, and if you need some place to live and you see there is some wood, bum bum, you build a house. You live there, you make your vegetables, and you eat some food. But out there it's a slavery world." "Its not based on individual places, but its a big place where there live a lot of people. And the society out there wants us to be individuals, but we want to be together." "If our focus is the reaction we get from people, then we don't want people to perceive our action as performance."
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