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Greater Good

This prezi is on the greater good :) It's created for Mrs. Lowman's 3rd Hour class

Morgan Sandler

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Greater Good

The Outsiders

GG Examples


Gulliver's Travels
GG in The Outsiders
How Was GG Demonstrated?:
It showed Gulliver caring about the little people of Lilliput and making sure to be nice to all of the people he met on his long travels.
How was the greater good demonstrated in Gulliver's Travels?
Personal GG
The Greater Good
by Morgan Sandler
Aidan Higgason =)
GG in Gulliver's Travels
Donate cans of food to Mrs. Lowman in order to help people who need it
The Greater good Definition
Works Cited / Credits
The greater good is where you give something in return for nothing, which can harm the person giving but helps the person getting.
Definition 1
Definition 2
Another way you can say the greater is good is:

Something for Nothing
How was GG demonstrated?
How was the greater good demonstrated The Outsiders?
GG was demonstrated when Cherry,
who is a Soc, started spying for the
Greasers after they killed Bob. She
did it to end the Socs violence
towards the Greasers, and she
didn't necessarily profit from
any of it.
The Greasers
"Probably The Best Prezi You Have Ever Seen"
- PreziReview.info
GG | Personal Example 1

We could go outside
and give $50 to homeless people so they can have food and water
GG | Personal Example 2
GG | Personal Example 3
I could create a electronic device
for people who don't have money
for one, and I can supply them with
the necessities needed for the device
GG Video
From the video you just saw
about 10-30 seconds ago
The Greater Good is reflected in the Pay It Forward video clip by what the boy is attempting to do. He is trying to create a perfect world. Where everyone helps each other
Oh yeah, before we begin the ride, please keep all hands, feet, and other body parts inside your desk. Make sure to not talk during the presentation, and one more thing, GG stands for Greater Good
Oh sí, antes de comenzar el viaje, por favor, tenga todas las manos, los pies y otras partes del cuerpo dentro de su escritorio. No hables y una cosa más, GG significa Bien Mayor
Watashitachiha-nori-gokochi o kaishi suru mae ni sō sō, subete no te, ashi, soshite anata no tsukue no uchigawa ni karada no ichibu o hokan shite kudasai. Hanashi o mōhitotsu wa, GG wa yori ōkina zen no ryakude wa arimasen
אה, כן, לפני שאנחנו מתחילים את הנסיעה, נא לשמור על כל הידיים, הרגליים, וחלקי גוף אחרים בתוך השולחן שלך. אל תדברו ועוד דבר אחד, GG מייצג טוב כלל
Ach ja, bevor wir die Fahrt zu beginnen, halten Sie bitte alle Hände, Füße und andere Körperteile in Ihrem Schreibtisch. Sprechen Sie nicht und noch eins, steht GG für Greater Good
Ó, shì de, wǒmen kāishǐ gāi jī qián, qǐng bǎochí suǒyǒu de shǒu, jiǎo hé nǐ de bàngōng zhuō nèi de qítā shēntǐ bùwèi. Bié gēn hái yǒuyī jiàn shì, GG biǎoshì gèng dà de lìyì
Ah, sim, antes de começar o passeio, por favor, mantenha todas as mãos, pés e outras partes do corpo dentro de sua mesa. Não fale e mais uma coisa, GG significa Greater Good
Hinton,S.E.. "The Outsiders". Print.
Swift, Jonathan. "Guliver's Travels". 1726. Print.

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Mrs. Lowman contributed by hosting a drive for civic concern in her class. By hosting this she had her class's bring in cans to support the needing. She did it out of the goodness of herself because she didn't have to do but she did it for those who are less fortunate.
Mrs. Lowman
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