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No description

Serfia Almitchso

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of owls

Owls there are twenty two kinds of owls that live in North America. (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Owls live in many different places they can be found forests, deserts, and jungles Appearance Owl feathers are so soft that if you close your eyes,you could mistake it for fur from owls legs to their beaks are covered in fluffy feathers owls have dark grey markings on their feathers so itmakes them really hard to see snowy owls live in snow.So it makes them really hard to see and find owls cannot shift their eyes like you can.Their eyes are fixed into their sockets like headlights of a car. but they can move their heads all the way around Owls close their eyes by lifting their lower lid.
we use our upper lid to close our eyes. owls can see really well in the dark because , their eyes are as big as
grap fruits owls use their toes for perching , walking , grabbing, and carrying that's why they have hooked claws owls toes are moveable owls have a back toe to help them balance WHAT THEY EAT Owls can only eat meat for example, owls eat gophers , mice , rats , and moths owls will think those things are
delicious baby owls also eat
different animals
and insects they eat small insects,
birds , fish , rabbits ,
skunks , and young deer Hunting owls bodies are built
for hunting.they have
three features that
help them hunt they have really
good hearing.they
can fly really
quietly. owls have very excellent hearing they can hear
prey when the
prey is under -
ground but being a hunting owl is not easy on rainy days,
many owls starve.
with the rain
sound, owls can't
hear their prey Skill owls learn to fly just like you learn
how to ride a bike they practice to develop flying skills the mother or father encourage
the baby by giving
them their favourite
food owls can hear a
mouse's heart
beat from more
than twenty miles
away by;Casey Mitchell thanks for watching!!! Where They Live TRUE FACT
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