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Rap music and stereotypes

No description

James Mertz

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Rap music and stereotypes

"Every time I write these words they become a taboo-
Making sure my punctuation curve, every letter here's true-
Living my life in the margin and that metaphor was proof-
I'm talking poetic justice, poetic justice" - Kendrick Lamar
"If I told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room, would you trust it?"- Kendrick Lamar, Poetic Justice
What is Rap?
West African musicians were telling stories to the beat of a drum
"Homicide's illegal and death is the penalty/What justifies the homicide when he dies?" -Masta Killa
Rap Music
Is it right to associate rap music with negative schema?
Ways of Knowing
Emotion and... Reason?
Why can't rap be considered poetry?
Poetry is a literary form which uses writing styles to convey different feelings, emotions,and experiences
Definition of Rap - "A type of popular music of US black origin in which words are recited rapidly and rhythmically over a prerecorded, typically electronic instrumental backing.
Then is rap music associated with negativity due to its African American origins?
Or does society judge rap music as negative due to other factors?
Due to a study done by UC Berkeley, young adults who listen to rap music are more likely to abuse drugs or commit violent acts. (2006)
Similarly, rap uses metaphor, rhyme, and other devices to convey a message, story, or situation
"I might not be the same, but that's not important. No freedom till we're equal, damn right I support it"- Macklemore, Same Love
Rap Music's grammar patterns don't follow traditional English rule.
-Tells a story
...but poetry doesn't follow the rules either
...so, perhaps rap music is poetry
Rap is basically a version of a story
A 6th grade teacher has been known to use rap artists like Jadakiss, Tupac, Eminem, and even Shakira to help show how artists structurally use rhythm, simile, and metaphor, and thematically use social commentary in their songs, similar to many poets, per Scholastic.com
its reputation proceeds it
There is a lot more to rap
music than
meets the...

"And they say communication save relations, I can tell-
But I can never right my wrongs unless I write them down for real" - Drake
"Limbaugh is a racist, Glenn Beck is a racist-
Gaza strip was getting bombed, Obama didn’t say shit-
That's why I ain't vote for him, next one either-" - Lupe Fiasco, "Words I Never Said"
Two main questions:
1- Race
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