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Debt Busters

No description

Madeline Landin

on 30 November 2016

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Transcript of Debt Busters

Importance of Looking to the Past:
UC/Montreal Protests
What Previous Projects We Were Inspired By
Paper Clips For The Holocaust
Students collected paperclips to represent the death toll during the Holocaust. During the Holocaust over 6 million people died in concentration camps. The students collected so many paperclips that they needed a dumpster truck to hold them all.
These protests were the original projects we looked at as a group. Students involved sat out of classes, protested scheduled meetings to increase tuition, and camped out to show their voice.
Donate a Meal
Each Can or Bottle has the monetary value of 5 cents.

This drive will last the full semester but will be centered around a concert.
Can and Bottle Drive
Inspired by "More than Me" foundation
Students sign away meals
Forfeiting meal = portion of cost is put into an account
Money put forth into scholarship funds and other costs
Used a lot on campus
Students may forget to forfeit their meal
Students have different kinds of meal plans
Soda Can Tabs
Bachelor/Bachelorette Buyout
Midnight Run
Make an Organization
Create Posters for Awareness
Mission Statement
1. Name the Organization
Fundraising Against College Tuition
Set Up a Can Drive
Set Up a Concert
Give Collected Money to Two Worthy Recipients
How should the recipients be judged?
How can we accomplish our goal?
What is the Issue?
Debt Busters
Our goal, as the Debt Busters (F.A.C.T), is to reach out to students attending a higher education institution regarding their concerns for the rising costs of education. Collaboratively we will develop solutions to this ongoing problem.
We strive to be catalysts for change within our community.
Students are unable to afford college as the tuition prices continuously rise and the interest rates get higher for student loans.
Students are unable to pay off their debts
Cost of College Increases
People volunteer to be auctioned off for date night
Proceeds go directly towards Debt Busters fund
Revenue highly depends on turnout
As well as enthusiasm of participants also is key
2.) Complete a registration form on IC Link
3.) Must have 10 members listed on IC link
This must include four officers. A presiding officer who will be the main contact person for the organization, a finance manager who handles finances even if the organization does not receive funding from Ithaca College, and at least two additional officers to serve on the executive board.

President: Madeline Landin
Vice President: Sean Blanchard
Secretary: Kristen Handal
Finance Manager: Jordan McConnaughey
Public Relations: Branden George
Operations Officer: Brandon Mancuso
4.) A signed Adviser Agreement
A full time Ithaca College faculty or staff member must be identified to serve as the student organizations adviser.
5.) A Constitution
Get the student body to give us their bottles rather than discarding them in order to collect cans and bottles to exchange them for money
A constitution unique to the organization that clearly states that the mission statement of the organization. The constitution must include a membership discrimination clause.
Step 1
Soda can tabs are "worth" money by the pound
These tabs can be redeemed at recycling centers
Revenue gained could be added to fund
Effectiveness depends on participation
This is a myth
Fun social run where students pay a fee to participate
Volunteers work the event so as to increase profit
Students enjoy the social aspect
Running at midnight is something crazy; students like crazy
Limited amounts of students will want to participate
Collateralized Debt
Showing The F.A.C.T.S
Tackling the issues around college tuition.
Collateralized debt is used to raise money to eliminate or decrease the debt of someone. This is a major focus point for our group as we try to raise money to decrease a student's debt at Ithaca College.
Merit Based
Need Based
Everyone needs to apply to be entered for the scholarship. There are two categories for the scholarship: Merit based and Need Based. You must also write an essay describing why you need the money
Although in the past year inflation is down 1.3% it is still high at 7.7%
Without enough jobs, many students find difficulty in the job market
No job = no income
Without income students are unable to payoff college debt and college loans.
By looking at past movements and protests we will gain a better understanding for different techniques that have been successful.We will also get a feel for what type of work has to be done to accomplish our goals.
Step 2
Make a display of the bottles and cans before
we cash them in
This display will be a mark of our foundation
for all to see and talk about
The point of the display will be to spread the
word in a visually appealing way
To Accomplish #2
Step 3
According to CollegeBoard's list of average private costs
Sticker Price, Fees, Room, Board up on average $1000.00 a year since 2008
Finally cash the bottles in
Collect the money and make a final announcement to the public of how much we raised through this specific fundraiser
Continue to spread awareness about this fundraiser
#1: Make students at IC aware of where tuition money is going.

#2: To alleviate debt from four students per year in a scholarship.
Although tuition may be tapering off, fees/room/board all continue to increase yearly
This is based off of your gpa which can be no lower than 3.5.
This is based off of you showing your need for this scholarship
IC Link is an online platform that student organizations use to maintain their operations. This site includes an accessible list of registered and active student organizations. In order to form a student organization a registration form must be completed on this site.
Complete the Officer Requirement
Student organization officers are required to receive training. Officers can attend officer sessions or thoroughly read the student organization guidebook. To confirm that the training has been completed each officer is required to score 100% on a selected quiz
Advertisement is Key
Create a Facebook and Twitter account for the organization
This will help promote the concert as well as other fundraisers
Create posters to hang around campus
Get an article written about the organization and concert benefit
Get Our Act Together
Find a band, or solo performances willing to donate their time
Find a space to use
Organize a set for the stage
Visual effects volunteers
Audio/Tech volunteers
Backstage crew
Decide on an admission fee
The Aftermath
Get a clean up crew
Retrieve the money made
Decide how the money will be split up
Pay anything off with money earned
To Accomplish #1:
Create posters for awareness
Spread idea by word of mouth
Spread ideas by social networking
Plan, set up, create 4 scholarships per year
2 First Semester
2 Second Semester
1 Merit based
1 Need based
Get The Students to Ask Questions
Posters will get students to think about where their money is going
Makes them think abstractly
Asks students if they would still come here even if the school did not get new dorms or facilities
Asks whats the students value more, education or aesthetics
Thank you Professor Jennifer Jolly!
Loans are a crucial part of affording college.

Federal loans only cover so much. Many students are forced to look at privatized loans.

However, students cannot get a loan on their own (unless they have a sufficient credit score). Parents are forced to cosign all loans; bringing upon thousands of dollars in debt.

Debt from College can never be erased, even with bankruptcy.
Types of Loans
Federal Subsidized Stafford Loans
Federal Perkins Loan

Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loans
Federal Parent PLUS Loan

Sallie Mae
Citi Bank
Need Based Loans
Non Need Based Loans
State Loans
Private Loans
Subsidized: the government pays the interest of the loan while students are in college.
Unsubsidized: interest accumulates while the student is at school.
Non-Need Based: take into consideration Parent's credit scores
Need Based: Based off of parents annual income as indicated on their federal tax forms
Social Networking
Twitter: follow @icdebtbusters
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/icdebtbusters
Tumblr: http://icdebtbusters.tumblr.com
Social networking sites are highly effect with the student population (which is our target audience).

Easy way to spread information.

Surveys to gain insight on the student voice
Thank you for watching this presentation.

Comments, Questions and Concerns are welcomed.

Please contact george.icdebtbusters@gmail.com for any further inquiries.
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