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Creative By Stavr

No description

Tamerlan Mammadov

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of Creative By Stavr

Can you be
So creative ? Public area Activity start
2006 Green Bikers Club - Member of Board IRELI CYM Ateshgah intellectual games club” PU-treasurer KGB T.Mammadov Active citizenship
Real Youth Life School of Life

Experience Culture Exchange What is it? AEGEE-Baki European Students’ Forum Green Bikers Club - co-founder ASEU SYO “Ateshgah intellectual games club”
Public Union AEGEE-Baki European Students’ Forum Fundraising Responsible AEGEE - coordinator of
Summer Universities 2010 (outgoing) project AEGEE-Baki European Students’ Forum – President AEGEE-Europe Dance Working Group – treasurer KGB - President Class Act -2007 YES-2008 “Friendship camp of Azerbaijani
and Turkish young people” The 1st Photo and Art Camp in Azerbaijan Cycling For Better Life Biannual Assembly of European Students’ Forum
(AEGEE-Europe) European Partnership for the Peaceful Settlement
of the conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh (EPNK) 6th International Junior
Olympiad 2009 Junior and Cadet Fencing
World Championships 2010 Senior Wrestling European
Championship 2010 International Youth Volunteers Camp “Volunteers’ Academy” National Intellectual game “Xamsa” AEGEE Network Meeting AIBA World Youth Championship 2010 SCORE-2011 Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Volunteering Dancing School 2012 CREATIVE ACTIVITY KGB www.fb.com/kgb.az



Tel: 070 KREATIV (5732848) KGB Contacts:
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