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Cultural Assimilation

No description

Stephen Blan

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Cultural Assimilation

Cultural Assimilation
What is it?
-adopting a new culture as your own
-abandoning one's native cultural characteristics in order to blend in with the majority culture
How does it happen?
Forced Assimilation
-requiring members of a minority culture to adopt the cultural characteristics of the majority
-intentional effort to cause a group of people to abandon their culture by direct or indirect means
Individual Assimilation
Mr. Blan in Turkey
Evie Blan in Texas
Group Assimilation
Examples from this year?
Forced Assimilation has caused decades of conflict in Turkey.
What do you know about Turkey?
Ethnic Groups
Strategic Importance
Kurdish Conflict
Kurdish regional heritage
Mountain Turks
renaming of villages (and children)
What are examples of cultural characteristics?
-African slaves in the United States
-European Colonialism
-Native Americans
-Group of people (approx. 15 million) mostly living in southeastern Turkey, which is far behind the rest of the country economically
-Kurds want cultural equality.
-Kurdish fighters have launched attacks against Turkey from their hideouts in the mountains of northern Iraq since the 1980s.
-After promising reform and more freedom, the government has returned to its strong resistance of a Kurdish identity.
1. In groups, read the two excerpts and answer the questions on the second page. Highlight any words you don't understand.

2. By yourself, read and complete the Pros and Cons Sheet. When finished, share with someone in your group your choice and why.
(If you need help with the words below,
use this as your guide.)

nation-state = country
exploitation = unfairness
oppression = abuse
domain = area
authorities = governments
suffocation = elimination
What is the Turkish Government doing?
Who is the PKK?
Who are the Kurds?
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