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The Oval Portrait

No description

Sam Pierce

on 2 June 2010

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Transcript of The Oval Portrait

Imagery: Descriptive language used to re-create sensory expericenes. Poe uses imagery to describe the paintings along with the room they're in. LAST WORDS MY QUESTION -Edgar Allan Poe READING A wounded man is forced to take refuge in an chateau, or French Castle, where he stumbles upon a "great number of very spirited modern paintings." The man finds a painting that he describes as an "absolute life-likeliness of expression," meaning that the details of the painting make it seem real. The man then consults the book that describes the painting. He discovers that the woman in the painting is the artist's wife. The artist becomes so obsessed with his painting that he rarely removes his eyes from the canvas, not even to pay attention to his wife that he loved so much. The author works continuously for weeks until the painting is finally done. He proclaims about the painting, "This is indeed LIFE itself!" The artist turns to address his wife and realizes that she has died. "For the painter had grown wild with the ardor of his work, and turned his eyes from the canvas rarely, even to regard the countenance of his wife." I chose this quote to read because it shows how consumed the artist was with his work. He loved his wife so much and tried to capture her beauty so perfectly, that in the end the painting led to her death. The womans beauty "condemns her to death." "You miss 100% of the shots you never take." I chose this quote because its my favorite and I think it can apply to so many aspects of life. You never know how a decision will affect your future, but if you think it's the right thing to do then you should follow your gut feeling. If the decision leads to something good then you know it was worth the risk and if it doesn't then at least you tried. Photo:http://toxicanvas.deviantart.com/art/The-Oval-Portrait-103624212?offset=40 WORKS CITED: Have you ever become so obsessed with something or someone that you lost track of something or someone that mattered more? Writing about imaginary characters and events. There wasn't really a wounded man or an artist who "killed his wife" by painting her.
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