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The Friar's Tale

No description

Annabel Cook

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of The Friar's Tale

Julie Tran and Annabel Cook The Friar's Tale Lively
A beggar
Good Manners Direct Characterization of the About a treacherous summoner I am a sheriff, and I'm on my way to collect some money Summoner was on his way to summon old widow Indirect Characterization Selfish
Bold FRIAR "I do not wish to insult the summoner, but summoners are known for their immoral behaviors" Friar Summoner "Let him tell his story, but I'll get him back later."
carries out church law against
lechery Archeadon Summoner clever thief
friends with lechers
had spies "We are out of the jurisdiction of summoners" FRIAR That's not true! Met Yeoman a.k.a "Robin Hood" Join me and all the gold and silver shall be yours Summoner Jack Prologue Summoner Far up north

Actually, I got it through extortion and theft

I am a demon and my home is in hell.

I assume one whenever on earth.

Sometimes devils are God's Instrument Where do you live?

Tell me how you got this gold?

I do the same, but only in times of need

Then, why do you have a human shape?

But why Earth? Jack and Summoner's Convo Cart fell in mud "Devil, take my horses, cart, and hay!"
he cursed "He says that, but doesn't mean it" he explains to Summoner. Carter Devil /Jack Cart is out of Mud Encounter with Carter Let's go see the widow now! Summoner I am sick and can't walk that far. Can you represent me before the archdeacon? The Old Woman's Curse Listen to my advice
Pray to Jesus for holy grace
The Devil is always watching you
Let's hope these summoners repent before the devil catches them. You are ordered to appear before the archdeacon. That would be a fee of Twelve pences. That is too much for I am guiltless. Fine. I'll take your pan instead. I paid the fees to get off your charge of adultery. That is nonsense. Devil, take him alive. Old Heifer, that is not my intention. You shall come to hell with me All of a sudden, the Devil and the Summoner disappear to Hell. Friar's Ending Morals Be careful for what you wish for One can not escape from one's immoral acts Genre: Exemplary Tale that is shrouded in the guise of a fabliau Chaucer's Attitude Toward the Friar Mockery and Sarcasm The Friar was viewed as deceitful for taking bribes The Friar lived an ambiguous life. Hypocrisy in the society: People buy their grace instead of praying to the Lord. Bibliography http://www.librarius.com/canttran/friartrfs.htm "Pray to God" he encouraged to the Carter. http://www.gradesaver.com/the-canterbury-tales/study-guide/section8/ http://mrsb-cv-wiki.wikispaces.com/canterbury-tales Like the Reeve's tale, the Friar's tale diminishes members of a certain group. (Satirical Tale) Borrowed Tales An Avaricious Archdeacon An Administrator Carried off by the Devil http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Friar's_Prologue_and_Tale http://faculty.goucher.edu/eng330/chaucerfriar.htm "Heart Felt Curse" Historical and Literary Connections
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