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ECM Solutions Overall Presentation

Updated: 3/25/2014

ECM Solutions

on 17 June 2015

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Transcript of ECM Solutions Overall Presentation

ECM Solutions
Risk before rate
What is required for adequate risk assessment to occur
Founded in 1987
Servicing 6,000+ clients
International capabilities
Trusted Choice Agency
Awarded "Best Practices" Agency for 13 years straight
70 employees in the Carolinas
Locations in Charlotte, N.C. and Greenville, S.C.
United Benefit Advisors Member Firm
Very few employers fully understand and accept that price and coverage are simply a derivative of risk
discover what we do.
At ECM Solutions, our efforts begin with identifying and minimizing corporate risk.
The ECM client process:
Learning from the Taiwanese Healthcare System...
Medical criteria
Proprietary methodology
Diseases Program Clients Norm Annual All Clients vs. Norm
Hypertension $7,019 $8,123 -14%
Diabetes $6,219 $10,781 -42%
Back Pain $5,425 $8,385 -35%
Hyperlipidemia $2,534 $6,798 -24%
Neck Pain $4,958 $7,253 -32%
Depression $6,176 $8,658 -29%
Osteoarthritis $12,948 $12,887 0%
Headache $5,008 $9,622 -48%
CAD $19,558 $17,393 12%
Asthma $6,402 $7,653 -16%
Congestive Heart Failure $17,893 $32,176 -44%
Liver Disease $19,181 $22,133 -13%
Atrial Fibrillation $15,934 $19,278 -17%
Chronic Renal Failure $38,267 $23,343 60%
Osteoporosis $4,563 $8,758 -48%
Hepatitis $5,673 $15,674 -64%
Immune Disorders $6,838 $43,963 84%
HIV / AIDS $29,135 $21,932 33%
Diabetes example:

Cost/year per disease state
19% average total claims reductions for all clients
Regulatory compliance
Employee education
ECM Tools & Resources
Hands-on service team PLUS..
ECM client portal
ECM safety & loss control services
ECM claims center
Ease Employee Benefits Administrative Burden
Comprehensive benchmarking
Online benefits portals
Health advocate
Compliance dashboard
HR workplace services
At ECM Solutions, we are constantly learning.
We will never be finished getting better.
Technical knowledge
Years of experience
Significant resources
A proprietary process
Train the patient to prevent high dollar claims
This program ultimately gained national notoriety:
The Asheville Project
The 10 City Challenge
Identify high risk patients without proper treatment
Traditional guaranteed cost/fully insured programs
Large deductibles
Retrospective or loss sensitive programs
Appropriate financing
ECM Solutions
Risk financing
Provide regular contact with providers
The core of all we do...
"Mitigating Risks, Maximizing Potentials"
We approach risk differently.
In a perfect world, how would your advisor elevate your success in...
Business Risk?
Employee Benefits Risk?
Financial Services Risk?
Personal Risk?
Business Risk
The ECM client process
Risk before rate
ECM tools & resources
It all begins with knowing the right questions to ask...
Employee Benefits Risk
Reduce costs
Ease administrative burden
PPACA Compliance/Leverage
Increase ROI
PPACA Compliance/Leverage
Increase ROI
Financial Services Risk
ECM Solutions can integrate your entire financial strategy
Executive fringe benefits
Business continuation planning
Financial planning
Executive bonus plans
Split dollar insurance
Deferred compensation funding
Salary continuation plans
Non-qualified retirement programs
Pension, profit sharing and 401K plans
Payroll deduction plans
Simple IRA's
Non-qualified retirement programs
Buy/sell strategies
Key person insurance
Investment planning
Tax minimization planning
Buy/sell strategies
Personal risks
The ECM client process
Risk I.D.

...More than insurance
A changing world
Identity theft
Disaster plan
Motor vehicle records
Financial risk
Cyber risk
More than insurance...
A changing world...
The ECM client process:
Evaluate for right fit
Assess & identify goals, objectives
Implementation & follow through
Ongoing management and evaluation
Re-evaluate and refine
How confident are you that your advisor elevates your success in...
Business risk?
Employee benefits risk?
Financial services risk?
Personal risk?
"Mitigating Risks, Maximizing Potentials"
Business Risk
Business Risk
Business Risk
Business risk
Business Risk
Business Risk
Employee benefits risk
Employee benefits risk
Employee benefits risk
Employee benefits risk
Employee benefits risk
Employee benefits risk
Employee benefits risk
Employee benefits risk
Financial services risk
Financial services risk
Financial services risk
Personal risk
Personal risk
Personal risk

ECM audit process
The historical paradigm
PPACA Compliance/Leverage
Employee benefits risk
Maximize appropriate government cost shift
Determining rank and file benefit levels
Ensuring competitive benefits for highly compensated
Ensure employees know the value of their benefits
Provide communication, information and access to people with time to focus
Online enrollment, websites, benefit statements, booklets, newsletters, surveys, etc.
Maintain quality benefits
Only possible through great risk management
PPACA Compliance/Leverage
Employee benefits risk
The NEW paradigm
The government
At ECM Solutions, we are constantly learning.
We will never be finished getting better.
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