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Acid Rain Presentation

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Swetha Neelusha

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Acid Rain Presentation

A Presentation by Neelusha and Swetha Acid Rain Did you know that acid rain can be carried from one country to another? Why is Acid Rain an Issue? Damages buildings, cars, and statues.
Kills and harms animals and people.
Kills and harms plants and trees.
Did you know that nitrogen oxides cause ground-level ozone which can kill us?
What is being done about this issue?
The Congress has passed a law called Clean Act Amendments of 1990, which claims the Environment Protection Agency should start an Acid Rain Program.
The Congress is also reducing the amount of sulphur dioxide that is released from coal-burning power plants.
What can we do about it? Reduce pollution that is caused by us!
Reduce electricity, which will decrease the amount of acids and toxins released in our atmosphere.
Acid rain is killing nature and our entire environment!
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