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Henry Ford

No description

Brianna Menegon

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Henry Ford

Henry Ford
Ford's Best Selling Cars
The Model T
The Ford F-150
Young Henry

He was born to Mary Litogot Ford and William Ford
Born in Greenfield Township, Michigan
His role model was Thomas Edison who later was his friend.
Would fix watches and "tinker" on the farm
He was fascinated by machines, and he wanted to take risks to pursue his interest.
He loved steam-powered tractors when he was young, and this made him think about "the ways machines work."
In 1879 he left home to become an apprentice at the Michigan Car Company; a railroad car manufacturer.
Henry's Father
Henry's Mother
Henry lived from
July 30, 1863 - April 7, 1947
Legacy of Ford
Other Products

Ford Focus
Ford Fusion
Ford Escape
Ford Fiesta
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Alan Mulally
Business Today
Enterprise Value
Ford Motor Company is worth about 159.6 billion dollars.
Ford Fusion
Mary Litogot Ford
Died when Henry was 12
Inspired Henry when he was a child
William Ford
Encouraged Henry to use machines on their farm
"Failure is simply an opportunity to begin again; this time more Intelligently"
Ford's Later Life
Henry married Clara Ala Bryant
In 1888, Henry's father gave them a piece of land, so Henry built a house, a sawmill, and a shop to work in.
They had one child; Edsel Ford
In 1891 they moved to Detroit, so Henry could take a job for the Edison Electric Illuminating Company.
He did not know a lot about electricity, but he wanted to learn about it.
Clara Ala Bryant
Henry Ford Founded
Ford Motor Company
The Henry Ford Foundation
Henry Ford Company
Assembly Line
In 1913 he introduced the world's first moving assembly line for cars.
Produced cars at a record breaking rate
Let Ford have lower prices and made them able to make a profit by selling more cars.
Made it able to complete a car in two hours or less
Let employes do the same job every time for every car
Henry improved the assembly line by adding conveyor belts.
Edsel Ford
In 1896, he completed his first self-propelled vehicle; called the Quadricycle.
In 1898 he created another car
He now demonstrated a key for success, he had the ability to "convince people to sign on and help him achieve that vision."
He persuaded businessmen to "back him up" in the biggest risk of his life; a company making and selling horseless carriages.
In 1903, the Ford Motor Company was established
In 1907, his Model N became the best selling car in the country; for only $600.
Business Life
The Model T
Introduced on October 1, 1908
Was the first car that many people could afford to buy
Revolutionized transportation and the American industry
"In order to meet the overwhelming demand for the revolutionary vehicle, Ford introduced revolutionary new mass-production methods, including large production plants, the use of standardized, and interchangeable parts."
The Company
He knew nothing about running a business, so he learned from trial-and-error.
First Company--> Failed
Second Company--> Failed
Third Company--> Success
The company was known as the Ford Motor Company; created on June 16, 1903.
In 1910, the company moved to a plant in Highland park, Michigan
Workers there did not like the idea of repetitive work on the new lines, so many workers quit so in January of 1914 he "virtually doubled" wages to $5 a day.
William Ford
Mary Litogot Ford
Henry Ford
Model N
Assembly Line
Henry with the Model T
Assembly Line Today
Model T
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Second leading car manufacturer in the United States
Fifth leading car manufacturer in the world
Only American car manufacturer that did not take government bail out
Revenue: 134 Billion
Employees: 171,000 people worldwide
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