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Eleanor Lewis

on 20 April 2018

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Transcript of Ping-pong

The energy starts as food or chemical energy then you would eat the food and it would give you potential energy, then when you hit the ping-pong ball with the paddle you give the ball kinetic energy, and the cycle restarts.
Ping-pong Forces
There are also forces involved in ping-pong, for example there is friction from the table, there is also air resistance, forced upon the ping-pong ball. Also in ping-pong there is the force you put in to the paddle when you move it to hit the ball.
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Newtons 1st law and how they relate to ping -pong
Newtons laws of motion are a big part of ping-pong.
For example Newton's first law of motion effects ping-pong by the ball starts in one spot, but when you hit it with the paddle it moves this is an example of inertia, where the ball was not moving and then you forced it to move.
Newtons 2nd law and how it relates to ping-pong
To move an object you need a force, that is newton's 2nd law this law applies to ping-pong. The force you need to move a ball in ping-pong is the force from you so you do need a force to move the ping-pong ball.
Newtons 3rd law and how it is related to ping-pong
Newtons 3rd law states that for every action there is a equal and opposite reaction.This applies to ping-pong. For example when you hit the ball, it is also pushing back on your paddle.
History of ping-pong
-The person who invented ping-pong was J. Jaques and Son.
How to play ping-pong
Ping-pong is a relatively easy game to understand, but being easy to play is another matter. Ping-pong's rules are similar to tennis' rules. To start a game the server throws the ball into the air and hits it. The receiver will hit the ball back to the server. Server and receiver hit the ball back and forth until a point is scored. To score a point, a player must fail to serve or return the ball or let the ball bounce two or more times. Points can also be scored if the ball hits the net or bounces off the table. The goal of the game is to hit the ball back and forth, win, and score points. First person to score 11 points, wins.
Science Of Ping-pong
Ping-pong Energy Types and Transformations
-Ping-pong is a game, where you have a table, a ball, a net, and 2 to 4 paddles and you try to hit the ball over the net to the other player.
-ping-pong was invented in the 1800s
-ping-pong was invented so tennis players could play indoors in the winter.
-ping-pong originated in England
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