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Chitii Ran

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Chemistry

Chemi-luminescence Chemi-What? Types Bio-luminescences
Lyoluminescences Light-emission Electroluminescences
Mechanoluminescences The Redox Reaction [A] + [B]->[<>]-> [Products] + light Luminol & Hydrogen Peroxide luminol + H2O2->3-APA[<>]->3-APA + light 3-aminophthalate For What ? Forensic Studies Avagardo's Constant Quantum Efficiency Non-enzymatic AnyWay Reactant collide Ecxited Electronic State Ground State Flouroscences
Phosphorescences Spin State Gas Analysis ELISA and Western blots DNA sequencing Lighting objects Chemiluminescence kites
Emergency lighting
Glow sticks The
following is very interesting do NOT try this at home.
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