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NHL powerpoint

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Jaspreet Parmar

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of NHL powerpoint

What is the NHL?
Present Structure of League
• Competition starts with preseason games ; teams usually play 7/8 games (don’t count towards points)
• Real season starts in October
• 2 points awarded for win, 1 for overtime lost and 0 for losing in regular time
• Total of 82 games ; 41 at home (arena) + 41 away
• Only 16 teams qualify for playoffs
• Tournament has 3 rounds of best out of 7
• Top 3 teams in each division automatically qualify
• Last 4 spots are 2 teams in each conference that
earn wild-card spots
• Top ranked team faces lower ranked wild-card team
• Second + third place teams in divisions play each
• First round winners meet in second round
• Winners from second round (1 team from each conference) face in final
Last NHL CHAMPS : LA KINGS who beat the NYR in game 7 in double Overtime; goal scored by Alec Martinez
Basics about a NHL game
• Three periods in NHL (not including overtime)
• Each period 20 minutes with 15 minutes break between periods
• Total of 60 minutes of play
• If score is tied after 3 period, game goes to 5 min overtime (with 4 skaters on for each side) in regular NHL game followed by shootout
• In a playoff game overtime is 20 minutes long with 5 skaters on each side (no shootouts)
• First to score wins
• Sometimes takes multiple periods to score overtime goal
• longest game in NHL history was played by Detroit vs Montreal and went to six sudden death overtime periods (Detroit won)
• NHL teams have own logos and colours
• 4 officials on ice refereeing game (linesmen + referees)

• major sport league in both Canada and the United States
• made up of 30 teams; 23 from US + 7 from Canada
• current commissioner : Gary Bettman
• NHL headquarters : New York City
• League divided into 2 conferences; East (contains 16 teams) and West (contains 14 teams)
• each conference broken down into divisions
 Eastern conference contains Atlantic and Metropolitan division (8 teams each)
 Western Conference contains Pacific and Central divisions (7 teams each)

Present Iconic Player
Sidney Crosby
Birth Date:
August 7, 1987

Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia

Playing for:
Pittsburgh Penguins (captain)


Notable Information:
-Drafted Number 1 in 2005 by the Pittsburgh Penguins
-Became youngest NHL player in history to score 100 points in
-Named youngest captain in NHL history in 2007
-Became youngest NHL captain to lead his team to a Stanley Cup
-Inducted into the Order of Nova Scotia in 2008
-Led the Canadian Olympic Men's Hockey Team to a gold medal against Sweden in the
2014 Sochi Olympics
Past Iconic Player
Wayne Gretzky C.C.
Connor Mcdavid
January 26, 1961

Brantford, Ontario

Played for:
Indianopolis Racers (May 1978 to Nov 1978), Edmonton Oilers (1978 to 1988), Los Angeles Kings (1988 to 1996), St Louis Blues (1996), New York Rangers (1996 to 1999, also last season)


Notable Information:
-Appointed to the Order of Canada in 2009
- First and only player to total 200 points in a season. Since
the 1985-86 season, he achieved this feat in 4 more seasons
-Played last game in April 1999, and in November was inducted
into the Hockey Hall of Fame, bypassing the 3-year waiting period
-Became the Phoenix Coyotes head coach from 2005-2009
-Holds many records: Most career points (2857), most career goals
(894), and most career assists (1963)

Birth Date
:January 13, 1997

: Newmarket,Ontario

: Erie Otters


Notable Information
: -started play hockey when he was 4 years old
-has 72 points in 28 OHL games
-he served as one of the two Alternate Captains for the term
- 2013 Signed to an Ontario Hockey League contract by the Erie Otters
-Scored his first OHL goal vs. the London Knights
- McDavid considered playing NCAA hockey for Boston University but eventually decided that playing in the OHL would be better for his development.
Origin of NHL and The Original Six
• league created on November 26, 1917 in Montreal
• adopted rules of National Hockey association (past hockey organization)
• Frank Calder (used to work for NHA) became first president
• Original six refers to the six teams that made up the NHL from 1942 to 1967
• Number of teams doubled after 1967
• Original Six teams were:
Montreal Canadiens (founded in 1909)
Toronto Maple Leafs (founded in 1917 but called the Toronto Arenas)
Boston Bruins (founded in 1924)
New York Rangers (founded in 1925)
Detroit Red Wings (founded in 1921 but called the Detroit Cougars)
Chicago Blackhawks (founded in 1926)

Trophies Won By Wayne Gretzky
Nine Hart trophies
Ten Art Ross trophies
Two Conn Smythe trophies
Five Lester B. Pearson awards
Five Lady Byng Memorial trophies
The Stanley Cup and other trophies
- draft held once a year
- teams take turns selecting amateur players from different leagues
- first draft held in 1963, held every year after that
- order of the team choosing which players is with NHL draft lottery
- weighted system to determine order of teams for first 14 picks of draft
- teams finishing regular season with fewer points have better chance of winning right to first pick in draft

NHL Arenas
Sponshorships and Merch
• each year league holds competition to see who will be Stanley Cup Champ
• maximum of 23 players and minimum of 20 on roster (means team)
• Players must be over the age of 19
• Organization (the team) has a head coach, mini coaches, trainers etc. helping team out
• Huge fan base
• Lots of companies sponsor the league such as Tim Hortons

The Stanley Cup
The NHL draft
Present Teams
Other NHL trophies + Hockey Hall of Fame
• Stanley cup is championship trophy awarded annually to NHL playoff winner
• Originally commissioned in 1892 as the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup
• Named after Lord Stanley of Preston who awarded it to the top-ranking amateur ice hockey club
• NHL does not own the Stanley cup
• playoff winning team don’t actually keep the trophy forever
• the winning team’s organization engraves names into the cup
• 13 winning teams can put their names on 1 band
• So trophy won’t grow too much in size, old bands removed and put in hockey hall of fame
• Weird hockey traditions go on with the cup as well
• Montreal Canadians have won the cup the most amount of times

• Team that have most points in regular season awarded Presidents’ Trophy
• League scoring champions (goals and assists) player receives Art Ross Trophy
• Maurice “Rocket” Richard trophy given to leading goal-scorer
• Hart Memorial trophy is given to most valuable player
• Vezina Trophy given to best goalkeeper
• Top defencemen receives James Norris Memorial Trophy
• Calder Memorial Trophy is awarded to top rookie
• Lady Byng Memorial trophy given to player with highest degree of skill and sportsmanship
• Most awards winners voted by Professional Hockey writers’ association or general managers
• Players, coaches, officials, and team builders who had very good careers are eligible to be voted into the Hockey Hall of Fame (at 30 Yonge Street, Toronto)
• Players cannot enter until three years (except for special people like Wayne Gretzky) have passed since their last professional game, the shortest such time period of any major sport.

Future Iconic Player
By Ricky, Cindy, Zhiyang, Jacky & Jaspreet
Gary Bettman
Frank Calder
Har t Memorial Trophy
James Norris Memorial Trophy
QUESTION TIME + extraass ;]
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