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History project Mr. Ruff period 5

No description

Austin Lillis

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of History project Mr. Ruff period 5

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Our third stop will be in the Netherlands. We will fly into Amsterdam where we will go to Anne Frank's house to learn the life of an extraordinary women. After that will go to the Concertgebouw museum where famous orchestras play their music. Our last stop in Netherlands will be the Heineken Experience. This is a self guided tour where you will learn the ways of brewing beer and the history of the Heineken family. After we have finished our visit in Ireland, we will travel to Britain, England by plane. Once we arrive we will visit the historic site of Stonehenge, which has been standing for over 5,000 years. After we sre finished there we will take a train to go and visit the famous Windsor Castle. This castle has been a royal residence for over 900 years and is currently one of the homes of Queen Elizabeth ll. Our final stop will be at the Hadrians wall. It was built 2,000 years ago to keep the Romans from invading Great Britain. The fourth country that we will visit will be Spain. The first thing will will see in Spain will be a bullfight in Madrid. There you will learn about the history of the famous spanish sport that today is frowned upon by many animal rights activists. After the fight you will go to Barcelona to see the beautiful architecture of Antoní Gaudí. His most famous piece is a giant Basilica that has been under construction since 1882 that is called La Sagrada Familia. The final place to be visted in Spain is Seville where you can walk around their massive plaza and see the famous Alcazar castle. Next will we will be visiting the country of Greece. We will fly into Athens where we will stay for our remanding time. Our first stop will be the National Archaeological Museum. Here we will see artifacts from prehistoric times. Next, we will visit the historic grounds of Olympia. This site is the birthplace of the olympics and is an important World Heritage archaeological site. Next we will go and visit a fascinating underground vault named the Vergina Museum. This museum contains the tomb of Phillip ll of Macedon, who is the father of Alexander the Great. After visiting Greece we will travel to the country of Ukraine. Once there, we will visit the beaches on Crimea's south coast. The white sand beaches are surrounded by mountains.There beauty has made them an attraction to people for over 200 years. Next we will hike at the Carpathian range that overlooks the sea. On our hike we will experience traditional life styles from the local villages. Lastly we will head to Chernobyl to see the nuclear disaster and abandoned villages that have been deserted and frozen in time since the disaster in 1986. We will start our vacation in Dublin Ireland. Here we will watch a rugby match at Croke Park and watch as the whole city comes out to watch thier favorite team. Next we wil go to the famouse Dublin Castle which isnt your ordinary castle. This castle is still used for goverment functions and you can go on tours of the beautiful interior. Lastly we will catch some of irelands best waves at Bundoran Beach. This surf beach is where the surfing world championship was held in 1997.
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