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The IMScalable Difference

No description

Justin Brooke

on 17 January 2015

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Transcript of The IMScalable Difference

The IMScalable Difference

Summary of Services
We are an online ad agency that specializes in social and native advertising for supplement, publishing, and software companies.
Results We Get
On average with our clients we are able to get a $60 - $90 CPA and keep ROI between 120% - 200% at scale.
Why We're The Best
We drive all of our ads to strategic content pages that help our clients increase conversions, sustain high sales volume, and increase average revenue per order.
I'm Ready, What Next?
We need to see your landing page, discuss your goals, and determine if our advertising methods are a fit for your sales process.
Social Advertising
We can target your ideal customer based on age, gender, interests, location, even based on actions they've taken on your website already.
Native Advertising
We can help you take advantage of the hottest new advertising method, native advertising. Which is getting CTR's in the 3%+ range and increases conversions by up to 6x!!!
We can squeeze more ROI out of
your traffic by following your visitors around the web with strategic retargeting campaigns.
IMScalable Sent Us
14,634 Clicks In Just
Two Days!
IMScalable Increased Our Total Yearly Revenue 40%
IMScalable sent us almost
300,000 clicks this month
with cost per sale under $40!
We've been advertising online for almost a decade and top companies in direct response like Agora, MarineD3, StansberryResearch, and more rely on our methods.
Our focus on driving traffic to content means less ad fatigue, less account shut downs, and hige CTR's. This means, less fluctuations in your monthly sales and lower CPC's for you.
We have accounts in 14 different ad networks. That means, we'll be able to roll out your campaign HUGE after we've proven the ROI.
1. Start by taking action below

2. Make sure to include your sales page, maximum allowable cost per sale, and your desired starting budget.

3. We'll review your submission to determine if you're offer, CPA, and budget fit what we're looking for.
*We have accounts with 14 different ad networks to fit ALL your needs
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