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Carrer Shadowing

No description

Daisy Ward

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Carrer Shadowing

Career Shadowing Daisy Ward Pictures The Purpose of the company: Auto Repair, Body Repair, Towing for Lakleland Police Department, Polk County Sheriff, and Florida Highway Potrol. Maurics's
Auto and Body Repair and 24-hour
Towing Service. Where will this company be in 15 years? Maurice said "Hopefully sitting on the beach of Jamacia drinking Margaritas". What employability Skills are needed to work for this job? Mentor: Shawne Whitehouse Company Name: Education: High School Tecnology used for this job Computers, Fax, and phone. Skills Needed for this job: You need to know how to file papers,
computer programs, deal with customers,
Do you assigned work. Would you pursue a job with this company? I would not want to pursue a career with this job
because I dont like having to sit in a chair all day
and do nothing. What did you like best about this job? I liked all of the people that worked there.
They were all very funny. What did you dislike about this job? I Disliked the hours of this job. Writing down scedules, refferals, estimates, etc.
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