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TED Talk: How to Make Stress Your Friend - Kelly McGonigal

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Alyssa L

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of TED Talk: How to Make Stress Your Friend - Kelly McGonigal

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Did you know that without stress,
we wouldn't be alive?
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How to Make Stress Your Friend
By Kelly McGonigal
How much stress have you experienced in the past year?
Do you believe that stress is harmful for your health?
High levels of stress & believed that stress was harmful
43% higher chance of dying
Overall Theme
Stress is NOT the enemy
We CAN be better at stress
The "cuddle hormone" is a stress hormone
argues that stress makes us social
argument plays on common insecurities
Presentation Techniques
Slideshow: pictures and diagrams
Interacts with the audience
"While this study is unable to establish a causal relationship, these results highlight the necessity for...
...further research into the relationship between the perception that stress affects health and current health, mental health, and mortality"
McGonigal presents the information as if it does have a causal relationship.
"182 000 Americans died prematurely, not from stress, but
the belief that stress is bad for you"
Other Controversies
many other studies that prove stress can lead to many conditions and disorders
there could be other factors influencing the premature deaths
type of stress that influences the deaths and not the beliefs
Main Controversy
McGonigal did not refute the ideas surrounding her topic.
lessened the effect of her scientific proof
allowed for many criticisms towards her talk
there would not be as many doubts if she had provided more insight
McGonigal's ideas may revolutonize the way we view stress and its impact on our lives.
Kelly McGonigal
Health psychologist
PhD in psychology from Stanford
Two books and an audio series
High levels of stress but did
believe that stress is harmful
Lowest risk of dying
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