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Other Uniforms

No description


on 22 June 2016

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Transcript of Other Uniforms

Other Uniforms
What Other Uniforms Are There?
The Young Marines have several other uniforms, some are worn frequently and are more casual. While others are formal and worn infrequently.
The charlies uniform consists of your Red National T-Shirt, khaki shorts, your web belt, and tennis shoes.
The delta uniform consists of a Unit T-Shirt, blue jeans, a khakie web belt, and tennis shoes
Service Uniforms
There are three service uniforms, Alphas, Bravos, and Charlies. The differences between these uniforms is small but important. In LCYM you are only authorized to wear a service uniform if you are an NCO, and only for special occasions.
What Do They Look Like?
What Do They Look Like?

Service Bravos consist of all the aspects of the service uniform, only instead of wearing the jacket a YM will wear their long sleeved khaki blouse
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