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Khaleel Bharwani

on 8 June 2014

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Transcript of Madagascar

How and when was Madagascar found?
Madagascar was first reached by sea-faring people of southeast Asia (Indonesian) descent. The first European to set foot on Madagascar was Portuguese sea captain Diogo Dias on August 10, 1500 after he was blown off course on the way to India. He named the island St. Lawrence. In the 1500s Portuguese, French, Dutch, and English attempt to establish trading settlements which fail due to hostile conditions and fierce local Malagasy.
Facts about Madagascar
Scientists think it broke off from the African continent about 160 million years ago.
The world's fourth largest island, Madagascar is about the size of Texas.
In real life, Madagascar has no lions, giraffes, zebras, or hippos. however fossils do show that there was hippos who lived on Madagascar a long time ago

Geography of madagascar
Total Size: 587,040 square km
Size Comparison: slightly less than twice the size of Arizona
Geographical Coordinates: 20 00 S, 47 00 E
World Region or Continent: Africa
General Terrain: narrow coastal plain, high plateau and mountains in centre
Climate: tropical along coast, temperate inland, arid in south
Major cities: ANTANANARIVO (capital) 1.816 millon (2009), Toamasina
About Madagascar
over 11 million people in Madgascar don't have safe water to drink. http://countrymeters.info/en/Madagascar/
this link has the current population of all the people living in Madagascar to this very day.
Madagascar is an independent republic that means that there is no ruler of Madagascar so there is no king or queen to rule the country it is an independent country which has no ruler.
Madagascar is a french speaking country. Madagascar is a small island located in the western indian ocean .The neighboring countries are: Yemen, Somalia, Africa,Ethiopia and so on.

Were is Madagascar
Lions dont live in Madagascar even though all the cartoons movies say they do unfortunately they have never lived there.
Lions dont live in Madagascar even though all the cartoons movies say they do unfortunately they have never lived there.
The Madagascar
national anthem
By: Khaleel Bharwani
Why is Madagascar special
Why is it special?
Because Madagascar has been isolated from the rest of Africa for so long, many new species have
evolved there. About 80% of the animals found in Madagascar do not exist anywhere else on Earth. Madagascar has some of the most curious creations ever.
Many are endangered, since over 90% oftheir natural habitat has been destroyed.
Lemurs, Chameleons, Tenrecs, Fossa

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