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Oral Health in Children

An Analysis of Federal Efforts to Improve Access to Dental Services

Akeia Everett

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Oral Health in Children

Dental caries or cavities, more commonly known as tooth decay, are caused by a breakdown of the tooth enamel. This breakdown is the result of bacteria on teeth that breakdown foods and produce acid that destroys tooth enamel and results in tooth decay. Oral Health in Low Socioeconomic Children: An Analysis of Federal Efforts to Improve Access to Dental Services 20x more common than childhood diabetes 5x more common than asthma 4x more common than early childhood obesity Tooth decay is the single most common childhood chronic disease Childhood Caries... So what's the BIG deal? Painful

Compromises the child’s ability to eat well, sleep well,and function

Compromises the child’s self-esteem and social development

Infection can potentially spread Parents/Caregiver Child Dental Caries Born with sterile mouth Transmission via saliva Bacterial infection Deamonte Driver Died at age 12, Prince George's County Maryland

Cause of death: Bacteria from untreated tooth decay spread to his brain

Background: Low socioeconomic. Mother worked two low paying jobs and was unable to afford treatment

Issue: Limited accessibility to dentist. Mother searched for a dentist that accepted Medicaid with no success Colonization Akeia C. Everett Source:CDC Source: American Dental Association Source:CDC Streptococcus mutans bacteria Source: California Dental Association Source: American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Source: Huffington Post Program Evaluation Although great achievements have been made in public health, too many children suffer from dental disease and are without basic dental care. PE focuses on issues in accessibility. Source:CDC Medicaid- joint federal/state program. Provides health care coverage for low income individuals

CHIP- joint federal/state program whose families have incomes not low enough to
qualify for Medicaid. Federal Efforts
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